Directors Meeting - 2013-09-30

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Directors meeting minutes for September 30th, 2013 at
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Minutes by Robert - Secretary of the board

Present: Directors: Alec Smecher

Robert Pilkington Nigal Cornwall Mike McManus Adam Wood Scott Nelson

also present: Chris Hooper (except for in camera)

Agenda – Old Business:

Alec to ask Tyler to add me to access Membership database Chris to give Robert updated membership files, and to show him the database Chris to transfer Employee Benefits payment info to Adam Adam is the contact for Ceridian

Agenda – New business:

Credit card for staff – ongoing topic can we stand as a non profit charity? - will be looked into by Scott and Nigal. Review of Tech in FreeGeek – ongoing topic, our email need to be sort out, need to be able to add attachments, as well as sending email out to all volunteers (general mailing list), need for webmaster, need to advertise ourselves better with our site and wiki. Need to work on phone system. Problem with keeping core volunteers – ongoing topic. Working out synopsis of each staff role and where they can overlap – postponed till next meeting reminder to staff when we meet – Robert will email staff and directors about meeting times.

Agenda – personal reports and items:

Alec: AGM review - Directors Role list need to be in place, Staff should organize next meeting as was done in past with direction from the board, volunteer director role needs to be filled (ongoing discussion to see if Justin can fill this role at next meeting), problem with Membership needs to be addressed – very few members to volunteers ratio Director meeting time - was agreed to keep it on the last Monday of the month as stands Staff Handbook - postponed till next meeting Staff Meetings - directors presence, Alec to try tele conferencing.

Nigel: Brief marketing report: BC Rivers report – truckload of recycle, absolute success. Vancouver Giants – community outreach (bringing in electronics) want to involve FreeGeek in process. Oct 27th Britanica 0-waste day 1 to 5. outreach event – cell phones to seniors. Scrap Consensus – postponed discussion till next meeting (directors were in all agreement that it should be done, using Portland FreeGeek as example)

Adam: HR Report (in Camera) Board priorities for coming year – work on next meeting

Robert: Stop taking in CRT monitors – already policy, send email to staff. Directors openness with communication with the membership and staff – all agreed a priority, will be coming into FreeGeek on Saturdays, all directors encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible (general and staff for example) results of my staff meeting – two problems came up, wholesalers and the phone system, the solutions, Tim has been working on the wholesaler issue, revisions to access areas, need to re-script phone system, take staff of the phones unless calls are for their dept. use interns to answer phones

Mike: Safety coordinator position – Scott volunteers, has work experience. Can we afford a forklift (manual version) - mike priced it around $1,500 - $3,000 second hand, was decided to include in the rack system cost, wait for Justin to discuss can we afford it. When are we going to move - ongoing topic, access what do we need to have in place to move, need to make sure that the operation is working as well as can be, so to avoid adding more problems to problems.