Directors Meeting - 2013-08-26

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Directors meeting minutes for August 26th, 2013 at
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, August 26th, 2013

Attendance: Justin S., Adam W., Mike M., Nigel C., Chris H. (scribe)


Financial Report
Another Free Geek Store
HR committee
Robotics Organization Grant


Justin is looking in to hiring one for issues such as:
- volunteer rewards
- charity foundation
- increasing director periods of service

Financial Report

Still working on latest month's
Online access setup so should be available sooner
Plan for company credit card
- Online purchases
- Expedite some purchases
- Co-signed by organization and individual
- Determining participation by Staff
- Drafting director's resolution
COMMIT: Justin
- Credit limits to be determined

Another Free Geek Store

Increase “visibility” of FG through (additional) external retail location on high traffic street
One of possible ways to grow the organization
Will have to look into these changes in the near future, i.e. before notice to renew current lease

HR committee

Communication with Staff
Adam met with Staff about job description
Further meetings for discussions with individuals
- To happen over next weeks
- Justin and Mike can join Adam


Preparing to initiate moving it to south-east corner of warehouse to isolate and reduce noise
Supported by Staff
Cost = ~$300 for hardware for enclosure—sound barrier and ventilation—and ~$300 for electrical—wiring for power and data, and electrician for breaker
- Looking into possibility to get discount on materials
- Should occur in very near future
Supported by Directors

Robotics Organization Grant

Proposal from organization
High schools participate in competitions
Concern about non-FOSS environment
Asking for laptops ~10 per year
Can remind recipient about donated back to FG
Check with Staff to see if this hardware grant is able of being met

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday, September 30th, 2013