Directors Meeting - 2013-07-03

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Directors meeting minutes for July 3rd, 2013 at
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 (moved from Monday, June 24th, 2013)

Attendance: Justin S. (scribe), Mike M., Chris H., Nigel C., Brian M. (guest)


Financial Report
Directos terms
in camera items

Financial Report

Net earnings to end of may 2013 are +$4775. At the end of June, the financial statements will likely show a small loss, but less than the budget estimated.

At end of june we estimate that we will show a loss of -$6000, the budget estimated we would be at a loss of -$12000 so we are doing better than the budget predictions.

Directors terms

brian presented a plan to change the bylaws, to make director's terms 2 years.

we discussed advantages (primarily long term vision - having directors stay around longer means they can plan and implement long term plans, and be more effective for longer, because the learning curve is paid once.

and disadvantages (there might be legal problems with trying to implement). potentially less candidates, getting a bad candidate might mean 2 years of bad person.

legal concerns may need to be addressed, we could ask Luke Closs, vanlug has a lawyer we might be able talk to , brian will email justin about this

proposal to recommend this to the next gm was passed, with a note saying we will need to consult a lawyer.



board suggests a sunday agm, in september 8 or 15 as possible candidates in order to allow time to have a membership drive.

proposal to elect adam to board. passed.

COMMIT:justin will email Adam to confirm.


proposal to budge $50 for water and snacks for fg volunteers. Nigel will be in charge of the budget. passed.

need to remove hard drives onsite, in order to protect privacy. Mike will bring a screwdriver.

white bag will be there to collect donations. we are not sure how many. brian will be there on Sunday and can order a courier to bring the bags back on Monday.

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013