Directors Meeting - 2013-05-25

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Directors meeting minutes for May 27th, 2013 at
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, May 27th, 2013

Attendance: Justin S. (scribe), Scott N., Mike M., Chris H., Nigel C.


Financial Report
Banking/credit card
Gold/recycling fees

Financial Report

As of april 30th net earnings -$11,000, which is about on track.
Wholesale is lower although a $24,000 cheque came in may.

Banking/credit card

Staff have requested that Free Geek get a business credit card.
Discussed mechanics and logistics of this. Card would not be in Free Geek name, it would have to be in the name of an individual.
Discussed preference for putting setting up credit accounts, over using a credit card. Karen has been working on this already.

Agreement to contact VanCity and get a credit card application form, so we can review the exact terms that would be required.

Gold/recycling fees

Discussed the drop in the price of gold, and how that affects recycling fees.


Lease ends on June 30th, 2013.

Motion to sign a new 1 year lease passed.

COMMIT: Scott and Chris to sign and deliver to landlord.


Discussed lists of members, who is a member, how they qualify, how we keep track

-all directors, all staff are members.

Discussed individuals the board would like to give membership to, for their volunteer work:

-loire -severin -alec

COMMIT:society act details from chris
COMMIT:Scott to check spaces
COMMIT:Justin to talk to Alec about facilitating.
COMMIT:chris to email staff re members
COMMIT:chris to email members re june 23rd meeting


Discussed issues related to Windows that have come up at Open Help Nights. Talked about importance of Open Source software to Free Geek. Suggestion considered that helping users with Windows based open source software (e.g. firefox, libre office) might be okay, as it is better to have people using some open source software than none.
Discussed use of Windows at other Free Geek sites (.e.g., Toronto FG provides help with windows issues, will install Windows on used computers if there is a license sticker and key, whereas Portland would not touch anything with Windows).

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday, June 24th, 2013