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Warning: This page is suspected to be out-of-date.

On this page you will find a draft for content of director orientation.

It will be a full day comprising of:

  • Orienting directors to the internal operations of Free Geek, in case they are not already familiar. Some aspects of Free Geek operations may not be visible, even to a board of directors.
  • Orienting directors to their new role and responsibilities.
  • Orienting directors to the tools and resources available to them
  • An opportunity to kick off social interaction between the directors
  • Opportunity for directors to brainstorm goals to achieve during their term
  • Helping the directors to feel comfortable (and useful?!) and "at home" at FreeGeek
  • The history of the organization (Genesis) possibly including material about Free Geek Portland and the Free Geek franchise?
  • The Free Geek mission statement - if it is not already very familiar. If it has evolved, how? The role of Free Software, waste recycling, and education at Free Geek.
  • The responsibilities of directors, both according to legislation and Free Geek policies
  • Key people and when and how to contact them- Staff, Support Volunteers, accountant, landlord.
  • Organizational skills, such as how to call a meeting, what is consensus process, our monthly meeting process
  • Walkthrough/introduction/training on the different volunteer stations, attend a volunteer orientation.
  • Meeting with all FG staff.
  • End-of-day wrap-up, including brief retrospective on the orientation (improvements for next time), and some goal setting for the directors. *Goals for how each director can contribute best to FG.