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As a member of the Free Geek Vancouver (FGV) Board, I agree to the following:

  1. My goal is to promote the FGV mission statement.
  2. My commitment to this board is for a 1-year term.
  3. I will participate in and abide by FGV's policies of consensus.
  4. I will participate and help in a specific area or topic for FGV, as decided by my director title and description, or, if I am a Director-At-Large, as agreed to with the rest of the board.
  5. I will do my utmost to remain informed of and involved with the programs, policies, and finances of Free Geek Vancouver.
  6. I will do my utmost to attend all board meetings.
  7. I will do my utmost to attend all general meetings to stay informed of current issues before the membership.
  8. I will follow through on my commitments made at meetings, to other directors, and to staff.
  9. I will come prepared to meetings by reading, reviewing, or preparing any pertinent materials.
  10. I will do my utmost to attend board orientation, training, conferences, and other pro-D.
  11. I will participate in FGV's outreach events to the best of my ability.
  12. I recognise that I may need to seek out further information or learn new skills, as necessary, to help, promote, and protect FGV and its mission.
  13. I will inform this board of any conflicts of interest, either actual or perceived.
  14. I will ensure and be vigilant that directors and staff comply with FGV's policies and procedures, the Society Act of BC, the Employment Act of BC, the Human Rights act of Canada, the laws of Canada, and international E-waste laws.
  15. At all times, in all circumstances, I will respect and be receptive to my board colleagues, the staff, and the volunteers of FGV. I recognize that they bring valuable skills, talents, information, experiences, and community affiliations.
  16. I will work and cooperate with the board as a team. I will not engage in petty quarrels, or dwell on minor disagreements that distract and hinder the board's ability to function.
  17. I will trust the rest of the board to carry out the above agreements to the best of their ability in good faith.

Signed: _________________________________________________________________

Date: _____________________