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Building a new Desktop terminal

When selecting a machine please be aware of hardware requirements. Generally 1GiB of RAM, 2-3 Ghz CPU and 40GiB HD is sufficient, although double the RAM is often a good boost. We have also noticed some slowness which may be related to 12.04 graphics cards/adapters performance.

On a regular machine before 'Prepare for shipping to end user' has been ran. In the terminal run:

 wget ';a=blob_plain;f=fgsetup;hb=master' -O fgsetup
 sudo /bin/bash fgsetup

The machine will reboot and take an extended time coming back to the log in screen, this is normal and only happens on the first reboot.

For a new Point of Sale terminal

In addition to the above, you will also need to log in as the 'store' user and Do the following (in terminal)

 cd ~/Desktop
 ln -s /net/home/store/groups/accounting/2013/store/2013-Sales.ods 'Sales spreadsheet'
 chmod +x OpenbravoPOS.desktop
 cd ~

Finally you need to get a copy of the file '' and put it in the 'store' user's home folder. You could use a USB key to copy it from a computer where openbravoPOS is already running. As an alternative, if you have an account with openbravoPOS setup already you can copy the file from that computer over the network like so:

 scp ~/

In the above example replace 'tedrek' with the username which has openbravopos setup and replace 'clover' with the name of the computer where it is setup.

Description of setup

The terminals are set up with guest sessions and regular users, the regular users are not listed by default.

Regular user data is persistent but do not rely on it as it is not backed up.

Printing is configured to automatically detect any printer plugged into any terminal.

fgstaff logins automatically mount the group folder which includes dead trees under general.

Finally, fgstaff logins have sudo access in addition to ldap-admin.

Modifying the script

The script/configuration is a git archive at ''. Write access is via gitolite at ''. Pushing a change set to the master branch will make it available next time somebody creates a Desktop terminal.

Quick overview:

 git clone
 cd conf
 # Hack, Hack, hack.
 git add .
 git commit -m 'Some description of changes'
 git push origin

You will need authorization before you may push, talk to a Workgroups/Sysadmin