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Current Data

  • Volunteer Database- Has email/tel of every volunteer we'e ever had. Can be clunky to use and access.
  • Mailing Lists- General has approx 200 people on it, annoucments mailing has not been updated for over a year. There are emails that have been collected that are ready to go on the list.

The Future of FG Data

Store/ Customer Database

  • Needs creation. A mailing list exclusively for customers. Twitter and Facebook account can also be used for store related announcements.

Announcements Mailing List

  • All general list subscribers should be put on the announcements list too.
  • All volunteer intake forms from the last three years that have the request for announcements ticked need to be added to the list.
  • Once this is done we can use them for special mailings, follow-up telephone calls, event invitations, alliance development, research profiling, and market segmentation.