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Computer Reuse Student Internship

Free Geek is an environmentally-conscious, non-profit community technology centre. We have an opening for a Computer Reuse student intern. Our work environment is fun, dynamic and challenging.

Term of employment - Tuesday July 21st to Saturday Aug 29th
  • 40 hours per week
  • $8.00 hourly


Candidates are required to be all of the following
  • Age 15 to 30
  • Full time student for the past school year
  • Intend to return to school full time in the fall
  • Canadian citizen, or permanent resident, or convention refugee

Free Geek is an Affirmative Action employer, students with disabilities, Aboriginal students, women, LGTB students and students who are members of visible minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


Computer Education Support
  • Improve documentation at volunteer work stations for teaching purposes for those unfamiliar with computers and computer equipment (ie. Seniors, new immigrants, low income persons)
  • Assist in improving teaching mechanisms at work stations to appeal to audio, visual & kinesthetic learning styles, directed at persons with disabilities & persons with literacy barriers
  • Survey volunteers regarding the types of educational workshops they would benefit from
  • Assist in recording and compiling technical support inquiries from our thrift store and monthly computer support drop in sessions
  • Work in the computer thrift store assisting with customer inquiries & create task systems to better utilize volunteers in the thrift store
  • With the Store Coordinator, develop a training manual for volunteering in our thrift store
General Free Geek Support
  • Respond to inquiries about our Volunteer Program & Orientations (phone, email, in person)
  • Create and utilize form responses to requests for Free Geek information
  • Input data related to volunteer programs
  • Lead regular tours of the computer recycling facility: introducing computer recycling principles & e-waste impacts


This is a Post Secondary Career Related position.

The student will be given:

  • A supportive learning environment
  • A possible reference letter for future employment.
  • Free access to the educational workshops open to volunteers at Free Geek

This position provides skills relevant for any:
Computer Science or Technology related programs
The student will learn:
The process of computer recycling
Computer hardware and accessories
How to solve common technical support questions
Environmental Studies programs or Health Sciences program
The student will learn:
The environmental impacts of e-waste
Environmental activism and globalization
Sociology programs, Womyn's Studies programs, any program related to Accessibility & Social Work, any Social Science program
The student will learn:
The social benefits to computer recycling
Methods towards abolishing barriers to accessing technology
Education studies programs
The student will learn:
Teaching mechanisms for beginners
Developing curricula and educational training
Business related programs
The student will learn:
Time management skills and office related skills
Generating revenue and coordinating a store

Plan for Supervision and Mentoring

  • The student in this position will be paired with two full-time permanent staff members to provide support and guidance. The student will be paired with our Store Coordinator & our Education Coordinator. The delegated permanent staff members will provide a 'buddy system' approach to training in the hopes of fostering leadership and creativity. Three days a week the student will be working directly alongside our Store Coordinator. Two days a week the student will work under the guidance of our Education Coordinator.
Mentoring Career Skills Plan

1) Data Analysis:

  • Learn to locate, gather and organize information using appropriate technology information systems
  • This will be achieved through conducting surveys and questionnaires and then analysing and categorizing this information with the Education Coordinator.

2) Problem Solving:

  • Learn to identify the root cause of a problem, be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions, recognize the human & technical dimensions of a problem
  • This will be done while working alongside the store coordinator in documentating and assisting with technical support inquiries within our thrift store.

3) Social Responsibility

  • Discover the realities of waste and economic inequity, understand how personal actions contribute to systemic issues.
  • This will be done through understanding the general work of Free Geek and e-waste recycling. The student will also be required to research, understand and explain e-waste issues to the public through informational tours with the assistance of our Outreach Coordinator.

Check points:

  • The student will attend weekly meetings to check in with all other staff and give a verbal report of progress and activity. At this point additional suggestions and direction will be offered by permanent staff members other than the Education and Store Coordinators.
  • Every 3 weeks the student will meet with the Education Coordinator and the Store Coordinator to evaluate the students progress and experience and develop an 'Action Plan' for the next 3 weeks.

How to apply

Interviews will be conducted Monday July 20th.

Applicants must be available to start Tuesday July 21. Only interview candidates will be contacted.

Email resumes in plain text or PDF format to:

hr =at= freegeekvancouver =dot= org

*Be sure to mention in the subject line which position you are applying for.

Or, you can deliver resumes by hand to Free Geek, 1820 Pandora (2 blocks north of Hastings, between Commercial and Victoria Drive). Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm.