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Note: As FGV does not have a defined Staff Collective yet, please read "collective" as "permanent" until such time as the Collective is in place.


Feedback is an integral part of making sure individuals in the collective are working in line with the mission and principles of Free Geek and therefore doing useful work. Many collective members have said that they would greatly appreciate such feedback. The purpose of staff member reviews is to:

  • Help collective members align themselves with the expectations that are placed on them,
  • Assist collective members to achieve the self- and group-given goals for their positions,
  • Give a forum for feedback on individual collective members
  • Where appropriate, assist the collective in evaluating new hires, and
  • Where appropriate, assist the collective in deciding whether to accept a prospective worker into the group.

If a member of the collective has difficulties with another, he or she should speak to the individual in person first if at all possible. The review should not, in most cases, serve as the first notification of problems.

The review should be a forum in which the person being reviewed is recognized for his or her successes as well as offered guidance from the rest of the collective on how to do things differently for the betterment of the organisation. It's the responsibility of the review panel to take into account time constraints, skill level, interests, etc. when suggesting improvements. The review panel should work together with the reviewee to create a practical, reachable set of goals for him or her. These goals should be as specific as possible and should include the reviewee's own goals as well as those from the rest of the collective.



Reviews will start in August 2008. By October 2008, we will endeavour to evaluate two staff members per month.

Collective members

All collective members will receive regular reviews.

New Hires

New hires are considered to be under probation for their first three months of work by the B.C. Employment Standards Act, common law and Free Geek; they may be terminated without notice or severance pay. After the expiry of this term, the Staff Review Panel has an additional two weeks during which to evaluate the worker, after which time the staff collective must decide whether to allow the worker to leave the probationary phase and become a prospective collective member. Only after a successful evaluation can the worker be no longer considered under probation.

Prospective Collective Members

If retained after their post-three-month review, a worker will be considered a prospective collective member. Regular reviews will then enter the collective members' queue. Within 2 weeks of the 6-month anniversary of their hire at Free Geek (or, alternatively, 3.5 months after the date of their New Hire review), a full evaluation of the prospective collective member must be conducted. After this review, the staff collective must decide whether to accept the worker into the collective or not. (See 'Prospective Members of the Collective' below.)

Part-Time Staff, Interns, etc

Review cycles will be tailored for non-fulltime staff and interns as appropriate.

Full rotations

At the end of every full rotation of staff reviews, there will be a one-month break in reviews. During this time, review participants/panelists should meet and conduct an informal evaluation of the review process in order to make future reviews more productive. Also, review panels will be scheduled for the next rotation.


  • All full-time collective/prospective collective members must fill out review forms for each review.
  • All part-time staff/non-collective members should fill out review forms unless they have insufficient contact with the person under review.
  • HR or the Staff Collective can call for a review at any time.
  • Anyone can come to HR or the Staff Collective and suggest a review of any collective member (even for themselves).
  • Should an HR committee member have a review called for them by another collective member, he or she may not participate in choosing the review panel.
  • HR or the Staff Collective schedules staff reviews for each cycle and nominates 2-3 people to comprise the Peer Review Panel for each individual; the collective must approve both of these. The Panel will generally be comprised of those who work closely with the reviewees.
  • After review panels have been chosen, each panel is responsible for watching its own timeline and conducting reviews, including including emailing out forms, tallying them, performing the sit-down review with the reviewee, recording new goals that have been set, and other exciting and intriguing tasks. To see the full breakdown of the responsibilities of the review panel, see the page on that subject.
  • After a review has been completed, the Review Panel will report to staff at the next staff collective meeting.
  • If the reviewee is a new hire, and the review comes at the end of the 3-month pivotal review point, the collective will evaluate whether the prospective member should be allowed to continue at Free Geek, making the transition under off of probation.
  • If the reviewee is a new hire, and the review comes at the 6-month pivotal review point, the staff will then decide whether to accept them into the collective, ask them to leave, or defer the decision and keep them as a probationary member. Should the collective defer the decision, a new pivotal review point will be set for 3 months hence.

Prospective Members of the Collective

When we hire someone into the collective, they are a 'Prospective Collective Member,' first. A 'Full Member' is a collective member who has passed through the 6 month probationary period and to whom the collective has agreed to grant full member status. The prospective member's initial 3 months will help the collective get to know them a little better. At 3 months an informal review will occur to check in with the probationary member, convey staff's feeling about their performance, and set goals for the probationary review at 6 months. The probationary member will also have a 'Buddy', someone to do check-ins with, ask questions of, and generally help them through the acculturation process (see Orienting New Staff Members for more info on the steps we take to acculturate new collective members). Then, at 6 months, they'll receive a review. When the review panel reports on the review at the next staff meeting, the staff collective will decide whether to:

  • Let the prospective member into the collective,
  • Terminate the prospective member, or
  • Give the prospective member a 3-month extension to work out issues that arose in the review.
    • If the prospective member is given a 3-month extension, the collective or HR can assign a Resolution Committee to the prospective member.

If the collective decides to extend the probationary period, another review will be given 3 months later, or approximately 9 months from the original date of hire. The review panel will again report to the collective, which will decide whether to:

  • Let the probationary member into the collective or
  • Terminate them.

Note that if, after their 6- or 9-month review, we terminate a prospective collective member, we don't expect that we'd want them to stay on for a transitional period to train their replacement (we also wouldn't expect that they'd want to!). In the end, though, we'll deal with this situation on a case-by-case basis.

Confirmation Process

At the staff meeting following the 6- or 9- month review of a probationary collective member, we'll do the following:

  • The entire collective listens to the report from the review panel
  • The reviewee then leaves the room so the collective can speak unhindered about how to proceed
  • When granting a probationary member full status, the collective must come to consensus in order to move forward. If the collective cannot come to consensus the probationary member is not granted full status and his/her employment must be terminated.