Closure procedure

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When closing Free Geek for holidays or some closure other than a regular weekend the following tasks should be completed. All notices should include which days Free Geek is closed for, and the next day which Free Geek will be open on.

Prior to closure

Internal signs

Place signs internally notifying regulars of the closure at. They should be placed in:

  • The Store
  • The sign-in desk
  • The kitchen

Online notices

Mailing lists

Post a message to the following lists, one message sent to all of them is sufficient:

  • General
  • Announce
  • Operations

Social media

Place notices on the following social media services:

  • Twitter


Place a notice prominently on the website.


Schedule a phone notice.

At closure

  • Place signs on entrances (front and back) including the next time open.
  • Repost notices online/update as appropriate
  • (Optionally) verify phone notice is working

After closure

  • Remove signs at entrances
  • Remove signs internally
  • Remove notice on website