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From netboot menu, select "Hardware Testing"

Video Cards

  • Check with display image; make sure it is clear. Otherwise - Scrap.
  • Check video card memory size
  • Put on a masking (paper) tape and write down its memory size. Put it with the rest of working video cards.

Sound Cards

Any SoundBlaster Live Cards that show up on lspci

Ethernet Cards

3Com or Intel that show up on lspci


Need to be Full-sized 3Com Cards. To test (needs further documentation and refinement; currently an advanced testing task):

  • Install modem; start computer. Ensure modem is plugged in to real phone line (available on north wall, connect to the telephone; unplug the line and plug into the modem).
  • Go into terminal and run

(You may need to install minicom.)

  • Ensure that minicom is configured for the correct communications port.
  • Try dialing VCN as a connection test:
    • Disable dial tone detection (maybe necessary for modems that don't like the voice mail notification):
  • Dial VCN at 604-638-0189:
  • If you get the VCN login prompt, the modem is OK.
  • Hang up:
  • Quit minicom:

Shut down, then remove and green-sticker the modem. Tested modems are currently sent directly to the store.

Parallel/Serial Port PCI cards

If shows on lspci, Keep

USB PCI cards

Shows up as USB 2.0 on lspci file with USB 2.0 cards

Firewire cards

If shows up on lspci file with Firewire cards

Mark all cards that were tested with a black permanent marker on inside bottom of card