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Card Sort Process overview

  • Card sorting must be done at the Card Sorting Station. Please do not move the bins to another station.
  • Card sorting begins by taking cards from the Unsorted Cards bin and sorting cards by type into the appropriate Sorted Card bins on top of the table (see below for specific criteria)
  • If there are no cards to sort, you can check in the Pre-Dismantle area for more.
  • Cards that do not meet the criteria for keeping should be put in the Scrap bin
  • When the Scrap bin is full, or at the end of your shift, ask staff to put cards into cardboard boxes and take to the shipping area


We have a problem with PCI-E being chucked when it should not be! It is the latest technology and we get so little we need to keep everything we get. It looks very similar to PCI, in fact the slot is PCI inversed (not really, but close enough!). Wikipedia for a visual. The bus with the smaller slot on the left is PCI-E, the bus with the larger slot on the left is the old PCI. WE ARE KEEPING THESE!!

There are four types of PCI-E, the x1, x4, x8, and x16. Let volunteers know about all four types; confuse them if one must, but make sure they know they should keep PCI-E cards.

In general, PCI-E have the short tab facing back of motherboard, with narrower contact fingers. x1, x4, and x8 will be shorter than PCI slots.

PCI-X (a.k.a 64 bit PCI cards) - We Keep them!

We are KEEPING the PCI-X cards, due to its uses on servers. PCI-X (aka 64-bit PCI) is an extension of convetional PCI, an is basically a PCI 3.3v card with an additional "tab". The difference between the normal PCI and PCI-X is that the pin contacts (and the card itself) for the PCI-X [1] is generally much longer than the PCI


  • ISA - Scrap (unless it has 4 phone plugs)
  • PCI
    • Check if it is a 3Com card. If not, scrap it.
    • Check if it is a full-sized card (see sorting tray for examples). If it is not full-sized, scrap it.

Sound Cards

  • ISA - Scrap
  • PCI-E - Keep
  • PCI
    • Soundblaster Live - Scrap
    • Soundblaster Audigy (or Audigy 2 or Audigy 4) - Keep
    • Soudnblaster X-fi - Keep (Likely to have heatsink)
    • Non-Soundblaster, 4 or less round jacks - Scrap
    • 5 or more round jacks - Keep

Video Cards

  • ISA - Scrap
  • Any Half-height cards (be it the card itself, or the bracket, or the special AGP bracket - Keep!!
  • PCI-E - Keep!!
  • HD15 Connector (usual VGA connector) only -
    • Keep if it has 32MB ram or more and a large/medium sized heatsink but no fan.
    • Scrap otherwise
  • AGP
    • Has double-width brackets - Keep
    • Has 2x DVI - keep
    • Has HD15 + DVI - Keep
    • Everything else - Put aside/ask later
  • PCI
    • Has HD15 + Something else- like s-video, substantial heatsink/fan.
      • No fan/heatsink - Scrap
      • Fan/Heatsnik - Keep
    • Everything else - Put aside/ask later

Network Cards (NICs)

  • ISA - Scrap
  • PCI-E - Keep!
  • PCI-X - Keep.
  • PCI
    • Remove any wake-on-lan cables
    • Gigabit/1000mpbs (often mentioned on plate) - Keep
    • Intel (may often be identified by "i" or "Pulse" printed on chip) or 3Com
      • Non bootable (chip holder with missing chip) - Scrap
      • Bootable - Keep
    • Everything else - Scrap. Here's a list (if in doubt):
      • DLink (DL), MPX, SMC, Realtek (RTL), Network Everywhere, Linksys, Davicom, ADMtek, MX, Kingston

USB Cards

  • USB cards with less than 4 ports/connectors - scrap
  • USB cards with 4 or more connectors/ports are good. Sometimes 3 on the back plate and one on board.
    • Reason: USB 1.0 controllers can only handle 2 connectors each. USB 2.0 controllers handle 6 connectors each. Thus, USB systems with only 2 connectors are almost guaranteed to be USB 1.0.
  • Cards with both USB and Firewire - Keep

Wireless Cards

  • Keep all wireless cards. Even those without free drivers can be sold to people who want to use it for windows.
  • Wireless cards are those that have one or more antennae (duh..for wireless reception/transmission!)

TV Tuner Cards

  • ISA - Scrap
  • PCI-E - Keep
  • PCI
    • Hauppauge - Keep
    • AIW Radeon - Keep
  • AGP
    • Hauppauge - keep
    • AIW 9600 - Keep
  • PCI-E - Keep
  • PCI-X - keep
  • Everything else - Scrap


Keep ALL SATA cards.


  • ISA - Scrap
  • Any PCI-E - Keep
  • Any PCI-X - Keep
  • Say something like "Ultra320" - Keep
  • With RAM SOCKET - Keep
  • ADAPTEC 2940W/2940UW - Keep
  • ADAPTEC 2940 (ONLY) - Scrap
  • QLOGIC - Scrap

Everything Else

To be authored, ask for now

Dialogic: ISA card. Looks like modem, but has 4 phone plugs... keep