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This is the place to develop the Build Program, and figure out production logistics related to building.

See also Build Program Grant

Things we need

  • Builder binder with checklist sheet for each builder
    • Eventually this will be made into a proper database
  • Build Instructors on the schedule (5 days a week if possible)
    • Continue with 3 builders per day:1 build instructor
    • Ryan can be ad hoc build instructor when necessary
  • Evaluation for people who want to join the build program (conducted by build instructors)
    • Way for prospective builders to test out of required skill set
  • Sign off by staff or build instructors
  • Weekly Build workgroup meetings (Tuesday, after the staff meeting) where we can coordinate what needs to be built for the week). This will also serve as a hardware grant workgroup meeting for now.
  • We need good ways to communicate changes to current builders (signs, wiki documentation, whiteboards)
  • Prebuild program
  • We need to figure out a way to bounce machines back that fail QC
  • QC needs to understand what to do with failed machines (and where to put them)
  • Finished machines need to be put in a totally different place from machines in progress
  • Reevaluate specs for adoption boxen, store boxen, hw grant boxen
  • Implement something like Print Me
  • Build sheet revamp


This is how we flow


  • Store needs to tell Build workgroup what is needed for the week (they could write it on a store request white board, or email staff list/build workgroup list)
  • Finished boxen need to go down to the store


  • Wiki section & sign posted for how to QC laptops (get build sheet & QC; if QC people have questions call David)

Hardware Grants

  • Hardware grants need to be prioritized and standardized
  • We need to figure out where to keep hardware grants waiting for pickup
  • No poaching hardware grants (once they are labelled, they are earmarked)
  • Articulated function for stewards, as well as designated stewards
  • Ticket tracking for hardware grant applications?
  • Standardize hardware grant production

Link Fodder

Initial evaluation for prospective builders at PDX ("Testing Out")
Handout given to prospective builders at FGPDX
Build Info Packet at PDX
Build specs at PDX (may not be current)
Laptop QC at PDX