Build Meeting - 2009-08-01

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  • Update
  • Dots
  • Machines & Racks
  • Clean-up
  • Builder graduation process


  • Stephen: Spreadsheet: Some machines have been going to store without being logged. Don't know who it is. Stephen will ask Patrick.
  • Stephen: More people coming into build program. The build book has gotten thicker.
  • Stephen: Exit survey cribbed from Portland suits both adoption and build.
  • Stephen: Have a few people going through pre-build and entering build.
  • Stephen: Still no process for graduating builders. Need to come up with one (added to agenda).
  • Alec: Suggest beginning these meetings with a check on the numbers.
  • Stephen: Lots of staff QC has been done; lots of machines ready
  • Stephen: Jane will be trained as grant coordinator; this will get us using machines quickly. Grants are coming in.
  • Christine: Do we have an inventory system?
  • Stephen: No. Have an intern looking into it. Jamie is spearheading this for the warehouse.


  • Stephen: Have started using yellow and red dots. Yellow dots are for machines that have been staff QC'd. Red dots are for machines that have failed staff QC and gone back to the builder.
  • Stephen: Do we want to have red dots on the builder sheet as well?
  • Alec: Prefer a one-dot process, i.e. machines are visible on rack and instructors should know who is coming in and make sure they work on them.
  • Stephen: Do we need more dots?
  • Alec: Maybe to differentiate between machines that need QC and staff QC from the in-progress ones.
  • Alec: Have been using a different rack for machines that have been QC'd and are ready for staff QC (they mix with the ones that are finished staff QC); maybe just need indicator for machines that are ready for QC?
  • Christine: Need a guide posted to indicate what the colours mean.
  • Stephen: Green?
  • Peggy: Maybe the wrong colours for traditional interpretations.
  • Alec: Suggest re-sticking yellows (staff QC'd) with green instead, and using yellows for ready-for-QC.
  • Stephen: Can assign someone to this. (COMMIT)
  • Alec: Was asked who should fix a red-stickered machine (builder or QCer); "any port in a storm", i.e. whoever is there.
  • Stephen: What about differentiating between machines that are ready for QC vs. done volunteer QC? Maybe blue.
  • Stephen: Suggest the following sticker scheme:
    • Red = needs builder or QCer fix
    • Yellow = Build finished, ready for volunteer QC
    • Blue = Ready for staff QC
    • Green = final staff QC done (to be applied by staff only)
  • George: Can't use top racks.
  • Alec: Suggest removing top shelf; it's possibly not safe.

Machines and racks

  • Alec: Too many projects that aren't being attended to. Will get ruthless about moving them out of the in-progress racks and scrapping them if they stick around. We need all the space we can get.
  • Alec: Builders are occasionally avoiding specific machines.
  • Stephen: They need to get trained on those or the machine needs to get scrapped
  • Alec: Suggest standardizing on having the build machine on the front.
  • Stephen: Trouble with small form factor machines is trouble (sheets get crumpled)
  • Alec: We can figure this out, but as long as the forms are available from the front, all OK.
  • Alec: Also problems with tape. Need to make sure sheets stay with machines
  • Alec: Have been doing a re-QC if build sheets can't be located and we can be sure (from the builder sheets) that the build was completed.
  • Alec: Red-stickering: Many small tune-ups; cosmetics; red-sticker process is a good feedback channel.


  • Stephen: Have committed: Last half-hour is clean-up time, especially tuesday nights. Have classes wednesday mornings.
  • Alec: Why are the benches messy? Have been doing clean-up on Thursdays, but don't feel like it's happening other days of the week
  • Alec: Floor space in the Mezz is wasted; really need to avoid using it for piling. Only useful box/bin AFAIK is scrap at the moment. People are lazy if there's a scrap heap.
  • Christine: Will do some clean-up this morning.
  • Alec: George, please follow up with Patrick on where to put speakers.
  • Alec: Several build stations (eastern) are piling up dangerously and are no longer usable.

Builder Graduation Process =

  • Alec: Certificate
  • All: OK.

Next meeting

  • Thurs 20th after hours.