Build Meeting - 2009-07-04

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Build Meeting 2009-07-04


  • Christine (minutes)
  • Alec (late)
  • Stephen S
  • Ifny
  • Patrick C
  • George
  • Tyler (late)


  • pre-build assessment documentation
  • power update
  • fire hazard
  • other business
  • next meeting


  • Pre build assessment documentation
    • Stephen will email Kirby to start as agreed in June meeting
    • Stephen will work with Christine, as backup, on Sat July 12
    • ==> Stephen will action
  • Power Update
    • Stephen - Rough-in was done last Sunday July 5. Two more runs, one to mezz and one to server, will be done soon. Then will call electrician. Kitchen will need another circuit
  • Fire Hazard
    • Ifny - there is no fire hazard. People may be thinking of wires (shield in plastic) seen from some of the ceiling outlet boxes that don't have a plate to cover the cut-out hole or daisy chaining of some of the power extension bars. Safety and fire inspections within last few months had no mention of cause for alarm
    • Stephen - implication to long term running circuit close to capacity to the point of tripping breaker just by starting a printer
    • Ifny - reaching power capacity is because change in production in mezz. It is an operations issue
    • more discussion
    • Alec - suggested to defer topic to operations
    • ==> agree to defer for operations to handle
  • Other business
    • VanCity Grant application
      • Ifny mentioned there is specific workshops in grant application
      • ==> Stephen will go over section with Christine after the build meeting
    • Graduation Survey
      • Stephen - takes adaption sheet to build survey
      • Alec - survey is more about getting feedback from Graduates
    • documentation on wiki
      • Stephen asked if anyone notice problem with documentation on wiki, note the problem or inform build instructors (Stephen, David, Stephen Jr, Alec)
    • Stephen made request for two hard drive wiping
    • Tyler asked if there is list of "to do" or what's been done
      • Alec - there is "to do" from the meeting agenda
    • Question about Grant requirement
      • Alec - grant needs info on number of instructors, (computer) machines, graduates etc
  • Next two meetings:
    • 6:15pm July 15 Wed
    • 10:00am, Aug 1 Sat