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How to do a Build Orientation


  • What is the purpose of a Build Orientation?
    A Build Orientation is an introduction to the key elements of being an effective Build volunteer. It is for current Build Volunteers who want a refresher and also to other volunteers who are interested in becoming Builders.
  • Tell the Builders that you are doing a Build Orientation and ask them if they would like to either join in or learn how to do it themselves.
  • Tell the volunteers in the Store and Warehouse that you are about to begin and invite them into the mezzanine.

The Basics

  • The Build book: This is now located near the bathroom door upstairs. Explain how a builder's sheet is filled out.
  • Look at the "What to build today?" whiteboard first to decide what needs building.
  • Check Build Specs: What's a low end, mid end and high end machine?
  • The Fodder Rack (in the warehouse): How to pick a box to build.
  • Racks: Grants, in progress, adoption machines shelves.
  • Hardrives: Where are the unwiped, wiped and then installed ones kept?
  • Dots/Stickers: Explain the dot system.
  • How to BUILD: Reference pink BUILD manuals
  • How to QC (Quality Control): Show the QC whiteboard and the QC manuals. Explain three different QC's done.
  • Where to put finished box

The Rest

  • Common mistakes
  • Scheduling
  • How to become a Build Instructor
  • Who is trained to do Build Orientations?