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This needs to be modified for Free Geek however I don't think there is much to disagree with.

Performance of Individual Board Members The following instrument is adapted from page 5 of “Board Self-Evaluation Questionnaire,” Version II, 2008, by the Non-Profit Sector Leadership Program, College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University, and is used with their kind permission. It illustrates the types of criteria that are emphasized within a self assessment questionnaire for not-for-profit directors.

Circle the response that best reflects your opinion. The rating scale for each statement is: Strongly Disagree (1); Disagree (2); Maybe or Not Sure (3); Agree (4); Strongly Agree (5).

  1. I am aware of what is expected of me as a board member
  2. I have a good record of meeting attendance.
  3. I read the minutes, reports and other materials in advance of our board meetings.
  4. I am familiar with what is in the organization’s by-laws and governing policies.
  5. I frequently encourage other board members to express their opinions at board meetings.
  6. I am encouraged by other board members to express my opinions at board meetings.
  7. I am a good listener at board meetings.
  8. I follow through on things I have said I would do.
  9. I maintain the confidentiality of all board decisions.
  10. When I have a different opinion than the majority, I raise it.
  11. I support board decisions once they are made even if I do not agree with them.
  12. I promote the work of our organization in the community whenever I have a chance to do so.
  13. I stay informed about issues relevant to our mission and bring information to the attention of the board.

© 2008 Non-Profit Sector Leadership Program, Dalhousie University May be freely copied as is or adapted by voluntary organizations for their own use.