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These are the roles for each of the positions on the Board of Directors, adapted from the 2014 Director Handbook.

Board Facilitator Lead
This is a legally required position
- Presides at all meetings of the society and of the directors; sets up board meetings, schedule, creates agendas and follows process
- The chief executive officer of the society: must supervise the other Directors in the execution of their duties
- Officially represent FG to other organisations; draft official statements
- Assist with the formation of committees
- Resolve board disputes
- Assess board effectiveness
- Guide other directors in determining board priorities

Assistant Board Facilitator Lead
- Carry out the duties of the Facilitator Lead during the Facilitator Lead's absence
- Assist the Facilitator Lead with all tasks

This is a legally required position
- Conduct the official and member-related correspondence of the society
- Issue notices of meetings of the society and directors
- Maintain the register of Society Members
- Keep minutes of all meetings of the society and directors
- Have custody of all records and documents of the society except those required to be kept by the treasurer
- Have custody of the common seal of the society

This is a legally required position
- Keep the financial records, including books of account, necessary to comply with the Society Act
- Render financial statements to the directors, members, accountant and others when required
- Auditing financials
- Lead budgeting process, create and track budget items
- Oversee finance; evaluate financial processes and standards
- Coordinate with Administrative Coordinator

HR Lead
- Represent staff to Board
- Oversee job and wage improvement
- Help resolve staff conflicts
- Oversee hiring and firing committees
- Organize and oversee performance reviews

Anti-Harassment Lead
- Acting ombudsperson of FG
- Investigate and attend to incidents of harassment, discrimination, and bullying
- Educate volunteers, staff, and community about anti-harassment and anti-discrimination
- Review, refine, and develop anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy

Marketing Lead
- Lead business plan creation
- Create new revenue initiatives
- Create and assess business plans
- Advertise and maintain FG's image
- Oversee and maintain social media presence
- Engage and organize community outreach events to promote FG's sales

Recycling Lead
- Coordinate with Warehouse Coordinator
- Ensure ethical and safety standards for FG's recycling
- Keep up to date on ethical recycling standards, trade, prices, local and foreign recyclers, market trends
- Network FG in the recycling industry
- Engage and organize community outreach events to promote FG's recycling

Legal and Bylaw Lead
- Review FG's bylaws, rules, and policies, and recommend changes
- Lead the process to make changes
- Review insurance coverage and renewal
- Investigate safety/security and other potential liability issues
- Help with decisions related to BC Society Act, Bylaws, and Canadian and international laws
- Liaise with FG's legal representatives

Volunteer Program Lead
- Coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator
- Liaise with volunteers
- Represent volunteers to the Board
- Assess and enact improvements to volunteer program
- Maintain a healthy and happy volunteer environment
- Recruit volunteers and promote FG's volunteer program to the community
- Engage and organize community outreach events to promote FG's volunteering