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A board of directors are volunteers who are legally responsible for the actions of the Free Geek organization. Directors have been described as ambassadors of Free Geek.

Current board members

  • David Lloyd - Chairman
  • Robert Pilkington - Vice Chair
  • Jordan Jones - Treasurer
  • Lloyd Jose - Secretary
  • Diana Chiu
  • John Sun

List of Historical Appointments

Appointed October 28, 2021

at 2021 Annual General Meeting

  • David Lloyd
  • Robert Pilkington
  • Jordan Jones
  • Lloyd Jose
  • Diana Chiu
  • John Sun

Appointed October 22, 2020

at 2020 Annual General Meeting

  • Glen Mitchell (returning)
  • Samantha Rousseau
  • David Lloyd
  • Krusheska Quiros
  • Jordan Jones
  • Robert Pilkington
Changes Mid-term, March 25 2020
  • Robert Pilkington was appointed as Secretary

Continued 2nd terms December 12, 2019

at 2019 Annual General Meeting

  • Glen Mitchell
  • Zahra Rajwani
  • Rex Brocki
Changes Mid-term, August 2 2019
  • Michele White stepped down.
Changes Mid-term, July 9, 2019
  • Michael DuBelko stepped down.
Changes Mid-term, June 26, 2019
  • Joel DeTeves stepped down.
Changes Mid-term, June 6, 2019
  • Michael DuBelko appointed to Board as Director-At-Large.
Changes Mid-term, May 19, 2019
  • Brian Dick stepped down.
Changes Mid-term, March 8, 2019
  • Zahra Rajwani appointed to Board.
Changes Mid-term, February 2, 2019
  • Brian Dick appointed as Director-At-Large at the February 2 2019 Director's Meeting
Changes Mid-term, January 17, 2019
  • Christopher Wolff stepped down.
Changes Mid-term, December 22, 2018
  • Athenaise Guertin stepped down.

Appointed September 13, 2018

at 2018 Annual General Meeting

  • Rex Brocki
  • Joel DeTeves
  • Athenaise Guertin
  • Glen Mitchell
  • Michele White
  • Christopher Wolff
Changes Mid-term, July 20, 2018
Changes Mid-term, February 5, 2018
  • Diane Rodgers stepped down.

Appointed September 7, 2017

at 2017 Annual General Meeting

  • Scott Bishop (Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Rex Brocki (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Volker Seidel (Treasurer)
  • Michele White (Secretary)
  • Diane Rodgers (HR Lead, Anti-Harassment Lead)

Appointed September 8, 2016

at 2016 Annual General Meeting

  • Nigel Cornwall (Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Rex Brocki (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Cindy Liu (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Marks (Secretary)
  • George Rosenberg (Marketing Lead)
  • Cori Petersen (Volunteer Lead)

Appointed August 20, 2015

at 2015 Annual General Meeting

  • Nigel Cornwall (Board Facilitator Lead, Treasurer)
  • Rex Brocki (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Michael DuBelko (Secretary, Volunteer Program Lead)
  • Chenessa Mok (HR Lead)
  • Caelin McKenzie (Marketing Lead)
Changes Mid-term, February 2015

Appointed October 2nd, 2014

at 2014 Annual General Meeting

  • Nigel Cornwall (Board Facilitator Lead, Treasurer)
  • Rex Brocki (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Trevor McKeown (Secretary)
  • Patrick Chu (Anti-Harassment Lead,HR Lead)
  • Sidney Mickey (Marketing Lead)
  • Kricket Coyne (Volunteer Program Lead)
  • Robert Pilkington (Recycling Lead, Legal and Bylaw Lead)
  • Jodi Moncrieff (Director at Large)
Changes Mid-term, November 25, 2013
  • at November 25, 2013 board meeting, Alec Smecher and Scott Nelson stepped down.
  • Jocelynn Rodrigues was elected to the board as Treasurer
Changes Mid-term, October 28, 2013
  • at October 28, 2013 board meeting, Kricket was elected to the board, as Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Appointed September 12, 2013

at 2013 Annual General Meeting

  • Scott Nelson (Board Facilitator Lead, Legal and Bylaw Lead)
  • Justin Simpson (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead, Treasurer)
  • Rob Pilkington (Secretary)
  • Adam Wood (HR Lead)
  • Alec Smecher (Anti-Harassment Lead)
  • Nigel Cornwall (Marketing Lead)
  • Mike McManus (Recycling Lead)
Changes Mid-Term, July, 2013

At the July 3rd, 2013 Board meeting, Adam Wood was elected to the board, to serve at HR Lead.

Changes Mid-Term, November, 2012

At the November 2012 Board Meeting, Justin Simpson was elected to the board. Sara White and Anne Der resigned from the board.

Appointed July 19, 2012

at 2012 Annual General Meeting

  • Scott Nelson (Board Facilitator Lead)
  • Nigel Cornwall (Assistant Board Facilitator Lead; Treasurer)
  • Chris Hooper (Secretary; Legal and Bylaw Lead)
  • Sarah White (HR Lead; Anti-harassment Lead; Volunteer Recruitment and Management)
  • Anne Der (Marketing Lead)
  • Mike McManus (Recycling Lead)

Appointed August 18, 2011

at 2011 Annual General Meeting

  • Rod Brennan (stepped down Jan 16, 2012)
  • Joshua Caldwell
  • Devenne Drege (stepped down Jan 19, 2012)
  • Wayne Fung
  • Christine Ho
  • Karen Nygaard
  • Bill McGrath (stepped down Sept 29, 2011)
  • Scott Nelson

Appointed May 30, 2010

at 2010 Annual General Meeting

  • Jordan Eunson
  • Luke Cyca
  • Mark Westhaver
  • Alishams Hassam
  • Chris Hooper

Appointed Nov. 18, 2009

at 2009 Extraordinary General Meeting

  • Christopher Hooper
  • David Repa stepped down Jan 2010

Appointed May 25, 2009

at 2009 Annual General Meeting

  • Joe Bowser (stepped down Jan 2010)
  • Monica N. Danon-Schaffer
  • Christine Ho
  • Alec Smecher
  • Ashley Stevenson
  • Boris Schaffer (stepped down June 27, 2009)

Appointed Feb. 26, 2008

at 2008 Annual General Meeting

  • Jack Bates
  • Luke Closs
  • Ryan Golbeck
  • Sean Hill
  • Pete Lypkie
  • Simon Pavit
  • Simeon Veldstra (stepped down May 1 2008)

Appointed Dec. 6, 2006

  • Ifny Lachance
  • Scott Nelson
  • Simeon Veldstra

Director Agreement

Purpose of this document:

Members of the Board of Directors of Free Geek have certain responsibilities under federal and provincial law, as well as under the Free Geek bylaws. This document is not intended to--and should not be construed to create additional legal obligations or duties for Directors. It is intended to emphasize and illustrate some of the social and legal obligations and commitments carried by directors.

Members of the Free Geek community interested in pursuing board membership should be familiar and comfortable with the activities outlined in this document prior to declaring their intention to stand for a board position or accepting a nomination by another member of the community. To this end, the board encourages the Free Geek membership to make this document available when making announcements of Board position vacancies or discussing nominations for those positions.

  1. I understand that I and the other board members are responsible for the legal, financial, and organizational health of Free Geek. It is my responsibility to remain informed of and involved in the programs, policies, and finances of Free Geek.
  2. My focus as a board member is to promote [the Free Geek mission statement].
  3. My commitment to this board is for a 1-year term
  4. I will make my best effort to attend all board meetings. I will come prepared to meetings by following through on my commitments and reading any pertinent materials.
  5. I will make my best efforts to attend all general meetings in order to stay abreast of current issues before the general membership.
  6. I will make my best efforts to attend board orientation meetings and trainings, general meetings, key conferences, and other special meetings.
  7. I will participate in an area of Free Geek's work, such as belonging to or advising a working committee, coordinating an event, leading a program area or overseeing an internal function.
  8. I will actively outreach for Free Geek, and participate in fund-raising efforts to the best of my ability.
  9. I will inform this board of any conflicts of interest either actual or perceived. The focus of my involvement on this board is to further our mutual mission rather than any personal agenda.
  10. I agree to take an active interest in promoting and ensuring staff compliance with Free Geek policies and procedures, as well as the Employment Act of BC and the laws of Canada.
  11. I recognize that each board member brings with them valuable skills and talents, unique information, experiences, and community affiliations. I will respect the contributions of others as I extend contributions of my own to carry out the mission.
  12. I may also need to seek out further information or learn new skills, as necessary, to protect the legal and financial health of Free Geek.
  13. I will take time to enjoy the Free Geek community, and will strive to make board participation a fun and fulfilling project for myself and others.

We trust each other to carry out the above agreements to the best of our ability, each in our own way, with knowledge, approval and support of all.

As a Director of the Board for Free Geek Community Technology Centre Society , I agree to the above:

Board of directors roles and responsibilities

This list although it is not a policy was developed by directors and staff and approved at the end of June 2012.

Specific responsibilities of the Board include:

  1. Ensuring that the Society operates within all applicable federal, provincial and municipal legislation. Has a legal responsibility for the organization (review Societies Act)
  2. Ensuring accountability of the Society to multiple stakeholders, (e.g. Society members, volunteers, and community).
  3. Ensuring the financial health and long term sustainability of the organization.
  4. Active recruitment of directors and facilitating the transition to the next board..
  5. Maintaining and assessing long term goals for the organization, in concert with the staff and other key stakeholders.
  6. Periodically reviewing and adjusting the constitution and by-laws of the Society.
  7. Leading the setting and development of policy frameworks for the organization and its operations.
  8. Approve policies
  9. Respond when policies are not followed
  10. Establishing and monitoring reporting procedures to maintain staff accountability.
  11. Ensure staff have training needed to perform responsibilities of their positions.
  12. Representing the agency to the community
  13. Participating in and support agency activities.
  14. To form and sit on committees per the terms of reference for each committee
  15. Approves hiring and firing recommendations from HR or hiring committee
  16. Attending monthly meetings at least 1 to 2 directors at each meeting.
  17. Handles complaints from public or volunteers, after staff have attempted to address them.
  18. May volunteer within the organization, but do so in the role of volunteers not as directors.

Director orientation

Directors Orientation

Director information

Place to keep useful things for directors