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There is a practice in a software development discipline called [ eXtreme Programming] called Big Visible Charts.

The idea is quite simple. Create simple charts that reflect activity in our team, post them on the wall, and keep them periodically updated. These "information radiators" will show us trends over time, will communicate our progress to our community, and will help us focus on improvement.

Over time, we'll start to have rich charts that reflect our progress.

Luke's proposal: adopt this practice and create some Big Visible Charts for various aspects of our organization. Come up with a few metrics. Then we can agree upon a few of these metrics at the next Monthly meeting, and create the basic charts. Staff coordinators could become the official people for each chart (in their area), and then we have a little ritual in our monthly meetings, where we review the updated chart, or perhaps update the charts collectively and then discuss what we see.

Possible information radiators

Obviously some of these need tweaking, and we could consider different time scales, too.

  • Number of active volunteers in the past month
  • Number of volunteer hours in the past month
  • Number of systems built in the past month
  • Number of systems sold in the past month
  • Store revenue in the past month
  • Skids sent out of the warehouse in the past month
  • Skids of equipment received in the past month
  • Tonnes of equipment received/month
  • Tonnes of equipment sent out
  • Adopters graduating/month
  • New volunteers/month
  • Build graduates/month
  • Media appearances/month
  • Penguins found/month
  • Systems donated/month
  • Mice/meece/month
  • Elephants/month
  • # of phone calls (we could pull this up from Asteriks)
  • # of times people donated free chocolate
  • # of Hardware Grants
  • # of BBQs
  • # of harddrives wiped
  • # of Ubuntu installs
  • # of staff legs (next month fingers, next month noses)

Positive Negatives: Fun and silly zeros to be proud of

  • # of computers sent to China
  • # of computers landfilled


- counting incoming skids is hard! maybe weight is the best way to go. Ifny - we will need help from software to drill down for volunteer hours info Ifny