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Current Regular Workshops

Proposed Workshops

Suggest sofware workshops you would like to take. Try to provide ideas on what subjects the workshops would cover as well as how they would best be taught.

  • Basic Command Line
  • Data backups - how to set up infrastructure for regular backups, different storage options
  • Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
  • Audacity
  • Personal file server HOWTO / samba, nfs etcetera.
  • Inkscape
  • Scribus
  • "Superbuntu" - Advanced Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu Installfest
  • Introduction to wikis/Wikimedia: how to make a login, a tour of some wiki sites, basic editing, a bit of practice time
  • Pretty Wiki: learning wiki conventions and more advanced formatting like making tables
  • "Wiki Ninja" - setting up your own wiki, including wiki implementation options (mediawiki, MoinMoin...)
  • 3D-Art Development: making 3d objects and rendering them for amusement
  • Programming basics - up to making a GUI program/frontend in GNU/Linux (maybe Python/GTK? see Learn python)
Suggest workshops you would like to take. Add ideas for what each workshop could cover or how it could be taught.
  • Touch typing
  • Shorthand
  • Ham Radio
  • How to build a theremin
  • Consensus Workshop
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anti-Oppression Workshop

Past Workshops

Course Templates

  • The presentation template can be downloaded from VancouverUbuntu.odp. This template file is the output of Taiwan Open Source Template Contest. It is free for everyone to use, modify and distribute it.