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This page explains how to use Free Geek's phone (Asterisk) system, and is meant for staff/directors. For Asterisk admin information please see Asterisk admin. For the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu, see Phone IVR.

Phone Extensions


  • 2x: Hardlines
  • 3x: Mobile Handsets
  • 4x: Cell phones

External Extensions (2x)

  • 21: General Inquiries/Volunteers
  • 22: Laptop Build
  • 24: Store Mainline
  • 25: Store Coordinator
  • 27: Administrative Coordinator

Mobile Handsets (3x)

  • 31: General Inquiries/Volunteers/Build
  • 34: General Inquiries/Volunteers/Build
  • 33: Warehouse Mainline
  • 35: Store Handset

Other phones (4x)

  • 42: Sysadmin

Transferring Calls

There are two methods of transfer: attended (when you're already in a live call) and blind, also known as cold-calling.


  • Dial ##
  • Wait for voice to say “Transfer”
  • Dial extension
  • Wait for extension to pick up
  • Let extension know you are transferring a call to them, then hang up; they will be connected to your caller
  • If no one answers, the line will beep, and you will be reconnected with the caller


  • Dial extension and #1
  • Wait for voice to say "Transfer"
  • Dial extension
  • Hangup

Note: Dial the extension preceded by 60 to send directly to voicemail with a blind transfer, for example dial 6031 to send to voicemail for extension 31.

For blind transfers if the extension doesn't answer within 35 seconds (going to voicemail is considered an answer) then the transferring extension will be called back and re-connected.

Remote Pickup

If necessary, you can pick up another extension's ringing phone(s) from a different phone.

  • Dial *2 from any phone to pick up a call currently ringing on extensions 24 & 35 (Store queue)
  • Dial *3 to pick up a call ringing on extension 21, 31, 33, or 34 (Volunteering/General/Warehouse queue).


An extension's voicemail can be accessed from the extension's phone(s), or from other extensions' phones.

Direct Voicemail

  • Dial *98 from an extension's phone

Remote Voicemail

  • Dial 60 followed by the extension (e.g., the Store's voicemail is 6025)
  • Wait for prompt
  • Enter password

Transfer to Voicemail

The only way to transfer a live call to somebody's voicemail is via blind transfer:

  • Dial #1 to get the transfer prompt
  • Dial the target voicemail box (e.g. 6025), then hang up
  • If you misdialed or that extension doesn't have a voicemail, the system will call you back and reconnect the caller to you

Voicemail Menu

To alter your personal voicemail greeting:

  • Call your voicemail
  • Enter 0 to get into voicemail options
  • Follow the prompts to select what to record

Note: Do not change the password, as they are tied into the config and will be reset on config updates.

Holiday Message

The holiday message needs to be updated before every holiday. The message is applied to whatever the next holiday day is, and will play only on that day.

For holidays that are not decided on (the specific dates for Christmas change from year to year), the Sysadmin will need to be informed so he/she can update it.

From any phone:

  • Dial 806 to hear the current message
  • Dial 801 to record a new one