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Recording a message

  • From a local phone dial 805
  • Record your message
  • Hit # when you are done

The message will be saved on hosts/ in /tmp/asterisk-recording%D.gsm where %D is a digit depending on how many recordings have been made.

Holiday updates

  • Call 801 and record a message, hit # when you are done recording.
  • Edit extensions.conf from the asterisk config, under [incoming] update the line ending with holiday to refer to the dates you want the message to be played.
  • Commit/reload asterisk

Main IVR Recording Script


On a Tuesday

Free geek is closed this tuesday for a holiday. We will be open again on Wednesday at eleven.

On another day

Free geek is closed today for a holiday.

For the winter break

Free geek is currently closed for the winter break. We will be open again in the new year. For details please check our website at freegeekvancouver dot org. Happy holidays.


Free geek is currently closed.



Welcome to Free Geek Vancouver


Menu one

For location, press one. For hours, press two.

Menu two

For general inquiries, press three. To reach the store, press four. For pickups and information about donating, press five.

Menu three

For information about volunteering, press seven.

Menu four

To book a volunteer shift, press nine.


We are located at 1820 Pandora st. two blocks north of Hastings st. and One block west of Victoria drive. Please bring donations to the rear of the building where our loading bay and parking are located.


Our regular operating hours are Tuesday to Saturday, eleven AM to six PM.

Volunteer information

Volunteer orientations are held three times per week, once on Wednesday at four PM and twice on Saturday at two PM and four PM. There is no need to reserve a place. If you have already attended an orientation please press nine to book your shift.