Annual General Meeting - 2010-05-31

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Minutes are suspected to be incomplete and were not officially approved in 2011 AGM.

Annual General Meeting minutes for Monday, May 31st 2010, 2:00pm at
Location: Maritime Labour Centre
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Meeting called to order at 2:05 pm with Christine H. as Facilitator and Jon C. as scribe.


Motion: That this Annual General Meeting follow “Schedule B” by-laws.

Rational: Schedule B By-Laws are the official By-Laws of Free Geek Vancouver.

Moved: Joe. B

Seconded: David R.


Motion: That the sign-in sheets be used as the official record of attendance.

Moved: Ifny L.

Seconded: Joe B.



The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and the Extraordinary General Meeting were reviewed.

Motion: That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held May 24, 2009 and the

Extraordinary General Meeting held November 17, 2009 be approved.

Moved: Infy L.

Seconded: Chris H.


There was no business arising from the minutes.

Financial Statements:

The Financial Statements for the period ending December 31, 2009 were reviewed. Most answers provided by Christine H.

Q. How many employees were there at the end of the fiscal year end?

A. Total of 8; 5 full-time and 3 part-time

Q. Was the newly formed position paid at the same pay scale?

A. Yes

Q. Were these statements produced by an accounting program?

A. Yes, GnuCash

Q. Are these statements accurate?

A. Yes, they were produced by our accountant

Q. Is the figure stated for Wholesale accurate?

A. No, for the first quarter of 2009 the wholesale figure was captured under Retail.

Q. Is it correct that if we did not receive a $42,000 grant we would have finished the fiscal in a deficit?

A. No, we would not have spent the money if we did not receive the grant

Q. Are the stated figures in line with the budgeted figures?

A. Yes.

Q. Shouldn’t the retained earnings have been $XXX?

A. Will have to obtain an answer from the accountant

Q. Is GnuCash still being used?

A. There was a problem with the workings of GnuCash and foreign currency, but GnuCash is now being used

Q. How confident are you in these numbers?

A. These statements were produced by the accountant so am very confident

Q. Would it be possible to see Budgeted figures vs. Actual figures?

A. That is currently being done and will be shown at the next AGM

Motion: That Free Geek appoint an auditor as per Section 11 of our By-Laws.

Moved: Ifny L.

Seconded: Joe B.


Motion: That Free Geek secure a paid bookkeeper as well as an accountant.

Motion withdrawn.

Q. How was this accountant selected?

A. A group of resumes were received and an accountant was selected, however, that person did not work out, the current accountant came highly recommended

Motion: That the newly elected board of directors review the financial processes.

Moved: Joe B.

Seconded: Brian ?


Motion: To approve the financial statements for the period ending December 31, 2009.

Moved: Ifny L.

Seconded: Joe B.


Motion: That the newly elected board of directors look into the issues raised at this meeting and report the information to the membership.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Simon



Warehouse/Recycling Coordinator

Q. Do we have to vote and accept these recommendations?

A. No, the recommendations are just recommendations and votes are not taken

Q. How is personal information and the protection of that information safeguarded?

A. The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act and Privacy act will be reviewed.

Volunteer Coordinator

Q. Are volunteers working with data?

A. Yes they are

Q. Can we calculate the retention of volunteers?

A. We will look into this and see if the database is capable of reporting that

Q. Should volunteers be allowed to do admin work?

A. Privacy concerns will be addressed and the change to the database should also solve any privacy issues.

Admin Coordinator

Q. When was the position created?

A. Four weeks ago

Q. How many signatures are needed to sign cheques?

A. Two

Q. Can the two signatures be staff members?

A. Yes

Motion: That of the two signatories required on the Free Geek Bank Account, one is required to be a member of the Board of Directors regardless of the transaction type.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Joe B.


Store Coordinator

Q. What are the demographics of the customers?

A. A lot are low income and we are seeing more IT workers who are looking for hard to find items

Q. Is personal data being recorded?

A. No, not at this time

Q. What is the process for selling cell phones?

A. Any phone that cannot be checked for data is destroyed.

Q. This is a change to policy

A. We will stop that practice and await new direction

Motion: That the newly elected Board of Directors review changes to recycling practices and ensure it is in keeping with Free Geek Policy and complies with E-Stewardship.

Moved: Ifny L.

Seconded: Joe B.


Motion: That Free Geek stops selling cell phones and sending to downstream recyclers.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Joe B.


Motion: That any changes to Free Geek recyclers be overseen by the Board of Directors and membership and shared with the Free Geek General List.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Joe B.


Build and Pick-Up Reports Absent

Motion: That all staffing changes be announced publicly on General mailing list and General meetings.




At this point, the meeting was relocated to The Hackery as the room rental at Maritime Labour Centre had expired.

New Business:

Accessibility: Items Discussed:

  • Lease-space issues
  • Annexes – common interest
  • Other individuals with disabilities would also like to participate
  • Lets let people know that things are in the process to accommodate these issues
  • Revisit the Realty Board regarding $1 buildings offered to non-profits by the City of Vancouver

Motion: That Free Geek make a statement of intent that accessibility is a priority and strike a working group.




London Drugs: Items Discussed:

  • Green Deal article prompted original email
  • Wishes to remove last statement on Green Deal website
  • Want to remove the term “partnership”
  • Email between City of Vancouver and Free Geek proves we have requested the term be removed before
  • The Affiliation Policy was sent to the Staff email list by Ifny so all staff should be aware of it
  • We should be concerned with our image
  • Why the worry about the term “partnership”
  • There is a policy in place so discussion is not necessary
  • The term could mean that we condone or approve of their (London Drugs) actions
  • Shouldn’t we also include a statement on our website
  • Free Geek is covered by trademark laws therefore London Drugs does have the legal requirement to remove the statement
  • Should we have a budget set aside should London Drugs not follow through
  • Would be surprised if London Drugs did not honour request
  • If London Drugs does not follow through we will be in a position to cancel deal

Motion: That the staff or Board of Directors of Free Geek contact London Drugs in writing and have the partnership statement removed from the Green Deal website.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Joe B.


Director Selection:

Q. Devenne asks why the membership is not invited to participate.

A. We are following the previsions of Schedule B

There were three individuals who self nominated themselves; they are Chris, Jordan and Luke.

Alishams self nominates

Alisham nominates Ifny L. – Ifny declines

David R. nominates Mark W. – Mark accepts

George L. nominates Christine H. – Christine declines

The Candidates introduce themselves.

Luke: Lots of experience in management and business and is an entrepreneur and wants to help out.

Jordan: Has been with Free Geek for a long time and wants to step up and do more and believes that Free Geek can go further.

Alishams: Interned last year and has been volunteering at Free Geek and would like to continue in an expanded role.

Mark: Been with Free Geek for a long time and has the knowledge and skills that will enhance Free Geek.

Chris: Returning member of the board and has enjoyed the experience and would like to continue.

Q: What have you heard in this meeting that you would like to work on changing?

Luke: decision making process

Jordan: A policy audit would help review and amend the broken policies

Alishams: Review of the policies

Mark: Worked in the store for a year and would like to show how to expand and would like to address privacy issues

Chris: Priority would be of sorting problems

Q: What experience do you have with day to day employment issues and other legal issues?

Luke: Has experience with legal issues and has sat on a Strata Council

Jordan: Has owned a few companies and understands issues rather well

Alishams: no real life experience but has sat on councils and is willing to learn

Mark: rather little knowledge but is happy to learn

Chris: no direct legal experience but is a returning board member

Q: Do you have a working relationship and respect the staff of Free Geek?

Luke: Amazing staff and has a good working relationship and respects all

Jordan: minimal interaction but it has all been positive

Alishams: has worked with most and respects them

Mark: Knows all current staff but not a lot of interaction

Chris: has a good working relationship

Q: Do you have a conflict of interest with Free Geek?

Luke: No

Jordan: No

Alishams: No

Mark: some might think there is a conflict

Chris: No

Q: Directed to Mark. Does your previous employment have any issues?

A: No, it provides a better insight.

Q: Besides Chris, do you have any previous board experience?

Luke: Yes

Jordan: Yes

Alishams: No

Mark: No

Motion: That the candidates leave the room.

Moved: David R.

Seconded: Joe B.


Motion: That this meeting move to a Committee of the Whole.

Moved: Joe B.

Seconded: Ifny L.


Motion: That this meeting resume.

Moved: Joe B.

Seconded: Ifny L.


Motion: That the voting membership choose by acclimation the new board of directors.




Motion: That all five individuals nominated as presented be appointed to the Board of Directors for the coming term.




Q: How do these individuals become members?

A: Any member of the society can make any individual a member therefore the new directors have been made a member of the society.

Motion: to adjourn.