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This page documents an adopted policy of Free Geek Vancouver
Approved by: General on August 11th, 2009.

All Meetings

Dates and Location

  • Recurring meetings should be scheduled at the meeting prior and be mentioned at the end of the minutes of said prior meeting

General Monthly Meetings

What is this meeting you speak of?

The Free Geek General Monthly Meeting is to discuss issues and make decisions about things that affect Free Geek across the board, involve multiple areas, and/or have to do with controversial issues. Decisions are made using Consensus. Everyone is welcome, including volunteers and the public. (Persons attending in a media capacity need to identify themselves out of consideration for individual privacy.) Although this meeting has "General" in its title this is not a "General meeting" as defined in the Free Geek Vancouver By-laws. This General Monthly Meeting is not bound by the process defined in the by-law for General Meetings, e.g. running of the meeting, quorum, or consensus process. We should follow the spirit of consensus.

When & Where

  • Under ordinary circumstances, the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:30ish at Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St. Vancouver BC (back door)

Proposing Items for the agenda

  1. Some time earlier than 2 weeks in advance of a monthly meeting, the facilitator will create a wiki page specific to the upcoming meeting using the Meeting Template. A link to this page should be added to Past meeting minutes even though the meeting has not happened yet.
  2. 2 weeks prior to a monthly meeting the facilitator will send an announcement via the general mailing list about the upcoming meeting and remind members to submit items for the agenda of the upcoming meeting.
    • The facilitator will mention a link to a wiki page for the meeting, where agenda items are to be placed
    • The facilitator will mention an email address readable by them for agenda items to be submitted to privately
    • Agenda items may be submitted in three ways (Consensus policy, August 11th 2009):
      • Agenda items may be edited into the wiki page of the meeting
      • Agenda items may be submitted by email to the facilitator, who may at request try to ensure that the submitter remain anonymous, and/or re-submit the item to the general mailing list for discussion
      • Agenda items may be submitted to the general mailing list
  3. 1 week prior to the meeting, the facilitator will send an announcement via the general mailing list that reminds members that they may no longer submit agenda items after midnight that evening
  4. On the 6th day prior to the meeting, submission of agenda items becomes closed
    • Agenda items raised after the 1 week cut-off can be added to the meeting agenda, or postponed, at the facilitator and group's discretion. This discretion rests particularly in consideration of time constraints during the meeting, as well as sudden or urgent matters that may have arisen.
  5. The upcoming meeting Facilitator will merge all submitted agenda items into the wiki page for that meeting (Consensus policy, August 11th 2009)
  6. On the 5th day prior to the meeting, the facilitator will again announce, via the general mailing list, the upcoming meeting, include a link to the wiki page which includes the meeting's agenda, and copy all agenda items from the wiki into the announcement (Consensus policy, August 11th 2009)


  • Past meeting minutes from the last monthly meeting should be sent out to the Fg-general mailing list no later than 5 days after the meeting, and posted to the wiki.
  • General meeting and staff meeting minutes to be sent to staff list for corrections, then general list three days later (decided at general meeting, May 2009)
  • See HowTo Check Minutes
  • Working group minutes to be sent to working group list for corrections, then general list three days later. (decided at general meeting, May 2009)


Before a meeting is adjourned, a Facilitator and Scribe volunteer for the next month's meeting

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