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This page documents an adopted policy of Free Geek Vancouver
Approved by: Members on Jan 12th, 2015. These guidelines relate to Free Geek affiliations with other entities.

The directors are empowered to enter into a relationship with any non-profit organization, business, institution, government, government agency, or Crown Corporation, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The other party has demonstrated a commitment to supporting Free Geek's mission, specifically but not restricted to:
    1. the ethical recycling of e-waste,
    2. access to technology for the community,
    3. promotion of free and open source software.
  2. The relationship must be mutually beneficial to both Free Geek and the other party.
  3. The other party's contribution to Free Geek consists of donations in kind, in cash, or a combination, and Free Geek is permitted to acknowledge this contribution publicly.
  4. Free Geek's contribution is limited to the other party's use of our name and brand in promotions involving Free Geek's mission, specifically:
  5. Any such promotion will require the approval of both parties before proceeding.
  6. The relationship can be terminated by either party on seven days notice.
  7. The directors consult with staff on the feasibility and impact of the relationship on Free Geek.

These policies were derived from the earlier Affiliation Policy, now referred to as the Affiliation Guidelines.