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After 24 hours of volunteering at FREE GEEK, you receive a free computer and a class on how to use it. No computer experience is required. We show them everything they need to know, and there will be people around to help.

What do Adopters typically do?

  • Dismantle computers using a screwdriver and basic tools
  • Test computers coming in to see if they work or not
  • Receive computer drop-offs in our loading bay
  • Sorting computer parts

What do they learn?

  • Identification of computer parts (components)
  • How to do basic triage (testing)
  • That computers aren't scary!

What kind of computer?

  • it's a free Geek Box
  • right now, the specs are Pentium 4, 2.8 or more, 40 gigs of hard drive, with a cd writer drive and a DVD reader. (This might not mean anything to a beginner. You can add that the computer is decent, and that they will be able to surf the internet, do word processing, listen to music, all the average stuff). They also get a monitor, keyboard & mouse. They can upgrade components in our thrift Store if they like.