2020 AGM Agenda

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  • Introductions/Attendance
  • Director Report
  • Staff Report
  • Director Nominee Self-Introductions
  • Election of New Board of Directors
  • Closing Remarks

Policies and Procedures


If necessary, voting will be conducted by participation in an online poll. All members who are in good standing are eligible to cast a vote for each nominee. Proxy voting is not allowed. Voting will be conducted during the time allotted for the AGM, and the results will be tabulated and announced by neutral, disinterested parties.

Code of Conduct

This applies to all attendees, including staff and directors. Breaking any of the following will result in a warning by the facilitators, followed by an ejection if the rules are broken again.

  • No personal attacks.
  • No libel, slander, or threats.
  • No foul language, swearing, or use of hateful or exclusionary language.
  • Remain civil even if the conversation becomes heated.
  • Do not share private or confidential information.
  • The AGM topics are related to the election of the new board as well as reports on our operations; we must remain on topic and within the time limits. Speakers asking or answering questions have a maximum speaking time of 2 minutes, or at the timekeeper's discretion.

Given the nature of this year’s virtual AGM, due to the ongoing pandemic, video call participants will be muted by default. We will be opening up for questions after select agenda items, and call attendees are asked to indicate via the Zoom chat function if they have a question they would like to ask.