2016 Directors Nominations

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Here are the Director nominations for Free Geek Vancouver's 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Each candidate may apply for any of the Board Roles. Each position lasts for a term of one year. Incumbent Directors may run again.

The AGM will take place on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 at 6:30pm. Members will be given time at the AGM to ask each nominee questions.

Application Process

  • All applications must be submitted by 6:00pm on August 25, 2016 (2 weeks before the AGM)
  • Applications must include resume and cover letter.
  • In your cover letter, list the role(s) you are most interested in and your relevant skills and experience.
  • You may include a blurb to introduce yourself to the members.
  • Staff may ask prospective applicants to come in for a short interview.
  • To apply, please mail fg-applications [at] freegeekvancouver [dot] org with your application.


Cindy Liu

I want to work in a stimulating environment where I can apply and enhance my knowledge and skills to serve the organization to the best of my efforts.

Key Experience
  • Controller, Post Modern Sound
    • Managed and enforced the accounting policies and internal control procedures
    • Involved monthly financial statements and liaised with auditor for year-end financial reporting
    • Prepared budget and monitored actual vs. budget income statement and conducted variance analysis
  • Senior Accountant, MacKay LLP
    • Prepared year-end financial statements and working papers or audit, review and notice to reader engagements for various industries, including construction, education services, manufacturing, wholesale/distributor, professional services, publishers and not-for-profit organizations
    • Recognized and recommended opportunities for improvement in reporting processes and internal controls
  • Accountant, Scouts Canada
    • Performed full cycle accounting duties, including AR, AP, monthly bank reconciliation, monthly financial statements and other reports
    • Participated budgeting process and prepared budget report
Preferred Roles
  • Treasurer

Clifton Watkinson - Retracted

Cori Peterson

I want to contribute to the advancement of recycling technologies. Free Geek has values and objectives that resonate with me on a personal level.

Key Experience
  • Utmost concern for Customer Service
  • 20+ years of Administrative Experience
  • 10+ years of Entrepreneurial Adventure
  • Was a specialty Temp. Consultant who (re)organized filing structures.
  • IT & Tech Competent
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Training
Preferred Roles
  • Director At-large

George Rosenberg

Over the past 20 years, I have run large collaborative research consortia aimed at developing and commercializing innovative technology. A key success factor was building internal and external partnerships to facilitate technology development and commercialization. These consortia were overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors with diverse interests and backgrounds. It was my responsibility to seek consensus and implement their decisions. I am uniquely experienced to meet the challenges of a marketing lead. Many of the skills gained during my working life are directly transferable.

Key Experience
  • Sentinel
    • Directed development of business and marketing plans aimed at commercializing Sentinel Network's platform technologies and formulated strategies for its implementation
    • Publicized and promoted the success of Sentinel to stake holders, policy makers, funders and the general public
    • Instituted website creation and social media activities
    • Executed marketing activities aimed at recruiting partners and securing additional sources of funding for collaborative research and technology commercialization
Preferred Roles
  • Marketing Lead

Jack O'Halloran

Jack has spent many years in the non profit world as a Director, serving in various growing capacities. From working with at risk youth, vision casting to major donor groups, to building an environmental socially sustainable company serving the marginalized people of the DTES. For the past year Jack has been following his passion of working to change the face of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver working with United We Can as the Director of Business Development. Thru sales skills honed over the years Jack serves the environment, economics and the social stigmas seen in downtown Vancouver.

Key Experience
  • Strategic Planning
    • Developed strategic fund raising plan for FCA Canada – 1.5 million
    • 4 years served as Director of Operations for Vancouver Whistler Games Network for 2010 Outreach Partnership – 2.1 million dollar budget Non Profit Organization
  • Brand Development
    • Developed the More Than Gold Brand in partnership with 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada thru Church and Agency networks
    • In tandem with the President of VWGN, developed budgets and fund raising strategies for collective outreach
  • Management Development
    • Taught 2 management development workshops recognized by the Open Learning Agency for college accreditation, in the Hospitality Industry
    • Wrote and Delivered numerous workshops and lectures on Effective Outreach thru Major Sports Events for Non Profit Organizations.
Preferred Roles
  • Board Facilitator Lead
  • Assistant Board Facilitator Lead
  • Marketing Lead
  • Recycle Lead

Jonathan Marks

I have been seeking an opportunity to participate on a non-profit board of an organization whose objectives match my own. Having served on community non-profit boards since 1993, either as secretary or treasurer, I have an understanding of the demands of volunteer boards and working with volunteers. I bring strong organizational, problem solving and general management skills in addition to having the technical knowledge about computers, Linux (Ubuntu) and open source software. In fact, I am writing this letter on a PC purchased from Free Geek Vancouver, running Ubuntu. You will find me to be an analytic and systematic thinker who is always seeking better ways to achieve results, while balancing strategic and tactical priorities.

Preferred Roles
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Michael DuBelko - Retracted

Nigel Cornwall

I am pleased to re-apply for the role of Director at Free Geek Vancouver. As an incumbent board member, it is my hope that by remaining on the board I can enable a smooth transition to a new team who can lead Free Geek to a successful year 2016-17. Since joining the board in 2012 the following changes have come to Free Geek. Revenue, Sales, Employee numbers, have increased. We have balanced the budget and continued to pay employees a living wage. Raised Free Geek’s profile in the community with radio interviews, community engagement and poster advertising. Engaged more volunteers and donate to more good causes. My ultimate goal is to make Free Geek “THE” place where people recycle all their technology in Vancouver.

Key Experience
  • Owner, Tic Toc Technologies
    • Completed redesign and rebuild of IT infrastructure for printmaking organization on Apple OSX platform. Including automated backups of all computers using Mac Server.
    • Designed and implemented a network upgrade for a large Vancouver sailing organization. Including hardware specification, software configuration, and on-going system maintenance and support.
  • Board Facilitator Lead, Free Geek Vancouver
    • Board Member since July 2012. Served as Treasurer and Marketing Director.
  • IT Manager, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd
    • Oversaw all IT operations, Infrastructure, websites and systems including their timely maintenance.
    • Wrote, monitored and enforced corporate policies based on proven industry standards.
    • Motivated, mentored and coached staff to meet these new challenges.
Preferred Roles
  • Facilitator Lead
  • Treasurer

Rex Brocki

Be it known to all and sundry that Rex Brocki, professional loudmouth and talented amateur "nice guy" would very much like to continue his dastardly plot to keep his fellow Free Geek board members laughing hard enough to not notice the agenda items he sneaks by them under cover of humour. On a serious note (I do have a serious side... it's just very well­ concealed), what we do at Free Geek is important, and I like to feel that I've paid proper rent for the piece of Earth I'm using by continuing to work for the benefit of the Earth. Pretentious it may be, but true it surely is.

Key Experience
  • Board Facilitator Lead, Free Geek Vancouver
    • Board Member since 2013. Served as Assistant Board Facilitator Lead.
  • Civil Servant, US & Canadian Governments
    • Learned government's native language (BS) and bureaucracy
  • Owner, CRB Computers
Preferred Roles
  • Assistant Facilitator Lead

Sean Cote

As a dynamic, results-oriented, and highly-influential business leader with an outstanding track record of success in generating revenues and managing burgeoning business operations, I believe the combination of my professional skills and personal qualities will be of value as a Board Member. I am passionate about technology and empowering people with technology, providing people with access to computers is what attracted me to this position. In my most recent role as Vice President of Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation, I was instrumental in pioneering the continued growth and development of the business across Western Canada. Over the course of my career, I have utilized well-developed leadership skills, innate business acumen, and talent for cultivating productive working relationships with peers, employees, and clients to ensure the attainment of business objectives.

Key Experience
  • Growth and profitability: Built companies from inception through all phases of growth and development to fully mature organizations while exceeding budgetary expectations
  • Achievement of goals and objectives: Proven track record of developing corporate values or setting SMARRT goals, in combination with achieving or exceeding personal and corporate visions and goals.
  • Innovative & Strategic forward thinking: Implemented many initiatives that promoted service excellence while empowering staff and management with unbiased data. Leveraged technology to create efficiencies, engage staff and improve overall performance.
  • Entrepreneurial Executive: Proven track record for acquiring, building and selling companies. Entrepreneur at heart and through my many experiences of building and growing businesses I have continued to expand my perspective as an entrepreneur, benefiting the organizations I built and helped develop.