2015 Directors Nominations

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This is where Director nominations for the Free Geek Vancouver 2015 AGM will be posted.

Current descriptions of the Board positions are posted here: Board roles 2015. Each position lasts for a term of one year. Incumbent Directors may run again.

Candidates should nominate themselves before the AGM (which will take place on Thursday, August 20, 2015) so members have time to learn about them and prepare questions.

Thank you for your interest in helping Free Geek Vancouver!


  • Please provide some information about yourself in your application. This may include a short bio, resume, as well as answers to the following questions:
  1. Why would you like to become a director?
  2. What position(s) are you interested in?
  3. What would you like to accomplish during your term?
  4. What experience do you have that will help you perform these tasks?
  5. Do you have any previous volunteer experience, either at Free Geek Vancouver or elsewhere?
  • Candidates will be expected to speak at the meeting as to why they are applying for a position on the Board.
  • Attendees will be granted time to ask the candidates questions.

You may apply by posting your nomination to the General mailing list. Please note, you must subscribe to the mailing list before you can post to it.

Candidate Nominations

Nigel Cornwall

Incumbent Board Facilitator Lead, Incumbent Treasurer

Free Geek is an organisation I care passionately about. So many Volunteers and Employees doing so many good things for the Community and the Environment. I want to ensure that Free Geek continues to do even more in the next year. I would like nominate myself as Board Facilitator to champion the work done at Free Geek. I am happy to relinquish the position of Treasure to someone with professional financial skills else, I would be prepared to nominate myself for this position in 2015-2016.

Rex Brocki

Incumbent Assistant Board Facilitator Lead

During my first year as Vice President of the Free Geek Board of Directors, it has come to my attention that I haven't managed to cause anywhere near as much trouble as I had planned on doing in this job, so I beg the indulgence of the membership to give me another year in the position, that I may try harder.

All I have to offer is blood, toil, tears, sweat... and my loud mouth.

...and the fact that my own sense of humour is even lower than Nigel's is, I'm sure, not a sufficient objection.

Kricket Coyne

Incumbent Volunteer Program Lead

Chenessa Mok

Incumbent HR Lead

Hi, my name is Chenessa Mok and I would like to apply for the HR Lead position!

As the current HR Lead for Free Geek, I would like to renew my position. Why would I like to renew my position? Because I see so much potential in this organization and I see how hard each staff member, Director and volunteer works for Free Geek, how much effort they pour into this organization, and how much they care. That is why I signed up for this position in the first place, and that is why I want to continue. I want to support the staff members to continue their great work that they do every day and that they have the resources they need to do that. For me, this means building upon the HR structure by working with the team to develop and establish HR documentation practices (such as job descriptions and 360 performance reviews), and processes (such as recruiting, development plans, goal setting, and conflict resolution between staff members). During my short term, there were still so many things that I wanted to accomplish that I was unable to. But I feel like with a fresh start this year, and with the new Board, we can all get some great work accomplished.

As the current Volunteer Recruiter for the BCAMA (BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association), I reached out to individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels to place them in positions that are the best fit for them based on their interest, time commitment, and needs of the position. Previously, I was both the VP of Project Development for Enactus UBC, an organization that uses entrepreneurship to improve the community and an Advisor for Collegia, a bread new initiative at UBC to help commuter students adapt to university life. Though different, in both positions I worked one-on-one with community members through personal discussions to uncover their needs and problems facing them and find the best solution for them in their unique situation. I feel that my combination of HR educational background, HR experience, and community building experience I can help Free Geek reach its full potential and support the staff members in reaching their goals for Free Geek

Michael DuBelko

My name is Michael DuBelko. I could start with something witty, or a ditty, but I’d like to think that’s below me, so instead I’ll help you get to know me.

My involvement with Free Geek started in 2010 as a volunteer. I upgraded and joined the staff as the Volunteer Coordinator from early 2012 to late 2014. As Volunteer Coordinator I was responsible for volunteer organisation, scheduling, training, task management, task design, liaison, and documentation. I currently help staff and directors with Open Help Night and policy matters.

As a staff, I witnessed the gamut of policy and structural difficulties of this small non-profit. I was involved with tackling Free Geek’s hardest troubles in the past 4 years, including intern hiring, policy writing and interpretation, staff transitions, AGM and meeting management, bans, litigation, and restructuring and restoring the Society membership.

I believe my experience and history with the organisation will be beneficial to the Board, and having a presence on the Board will allow me to use this experience to address challenges with an immediacy and directness that my membership currently cannot. I am interested in filling either the Secretary or Volunteer Program Lead position.

I have met with Free Geek and participated in its governance for 4 years. I am very familiar with its meetings, procedures, policies, and history. As Secretary, my first goal would be to engage a strong and consistent dialogue with the Society, which means having meetings on a consistent and fair basis and keeping regular, transparent correspondence. As Secretary I would ensure the punctuality, precision, and propriety of the Society meetings and their administration. My experience with non-profits is not limited to Free Geek: I have close contacts with the administration of two non-profit social organisations, one small, and one very large, in Vancouver.

I was the second longest acting Volunteer Coordinator, and saw Free Geek through its largest growth in volunteers and donations. I helped develop and refine all volunteer recycling tasks currently in use. As Volunteer Program Lead, I would implement a long-overdue certificate system to recognise volunteer skills and outcomes, which would provide them a reward they can use in their career development. I would also campaign mercilessly to have more social events at Free Geek, because, frankly, we can be a bit boring at times. I would also use my experience as a volunteer, staff, my long history with several Boards, and my connections with most people at Free Geek to act as Board liaison to the volunteers, a position that unfortunately has not been properly filled or executed for years.


Caelin McKenzie

Hello! My name is Caelin McKenzie and I would love to become a member of the Free Geek Board of Directors as Marketing Lead.

I am relatively new with Free Geek and have volunteered for the past couple months. I feel strongly about the importance of recycling, and like how Free Geek has linked this with community outreach. I would like to become a director to play a larger role in the organization.

In terms of my background, I currently work at Shaw in Customer Service/Sales. I graduated in June 2014 from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor of Management degree with a specialization in Marketing. In University, I was involved in several group projects in a consultant role where we conducted data collection and built a marketing plan. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant for an Introduction to Business course, where I was required to be organized to keep up with grading the assignments for 100 students. My previous volunteer experience was with the Kelowna Women’s Shelter, where I assisted with administrative tasks. The shelter held a similar vision of helping members be empowered and self-sufficient through education and support.

Should I be elected as Marketing Lead, I have three main goals:

1. Increasing awareness of Free Geek as a donation spot through community outreach events, building corporate donor relationships and expanding advertising efforts.

2. Increasing awareness of the Free Geek thrift store as a place to purchase quality used electronics by working closely with staff to introduce more sales initiatives, coupons and online product listings.

3. Growing Free Geek’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter with more content that is directly related to Free Geek’s organization (including pictures of interesting donations, recent sale items and Free Geek-related events).

Thank you!