2015 AGM Agenda

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AGM convenes
Membership introductions
Explanation of consensus & voting

Financial report
Staff report

Question period

Director nominees introductions

Director Q/As

Voting period


We must vacate the premise by 9:30 PM.

Definition of Consensus

We will be using the following definition of consensus, decided on in the July 28, 2015 General Meeting:

Consensus describes the process of making decisions collaboratively. A consensus-oriented process is one in which people work together to reach as much agreement as possible.
To practice consensus decision-making, Free Geek members shall adopt the principles of inclusiveness, open-mindedness, collaboration, cooperation and mutual respect.
This process will include an open discussion to identify emerging ideas, issues and concerns, consider competing ideas and encourage counter proposals.
The facilitor's role is to involve all members present without limiting participation of other members, at the fascilitor's discretion.

At the facilitator's discretion, once all who wish to speak have done so,the facilitator will either summerize a proposal or ask a proponant of a proposal to do so. A vote will then be taken.
While unanimity is the goal, consensus is defined as a super majority of 75%, rounded down.
If a proposal does not reach consensus within one hour, the proposer has the option of withdrawing it or submitting to a simple majority vote to defer to the next general meeting.

Code of Conduct

This applies to all attendees, including staff and directors. Breaking any of the following will result in a warning by the facilitators, followed by an ejection if the rules are broken again.

- No personal attacks
- No libel, slander, or threats
- No foul language or swearing, including language that is exclusionary
- Remain civil even if the conversation becomes heated
- We should not share private or confidential information
- The AGM topics are related to the election of the new board as well as reports on our operations; we must remain on topic and within the time limits. Speakers asking or answering questions have a maximum speaking time of 2 minutes.
- The venue will open at 6:30. The meeting will start promptly at 7 PM. Unfortunately, completed agenda items cannot be reopened at the AGM for the benefit of latecomers.