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Free Geek's Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to the organization, along with other opportunities for service.

  • Director terms are one year, and incumbent Directors may run again.
  • Positions on the Board are described here: Board roles 2012. (There are previously developed positions that are being used again this time.)
  • Positions will be filled at an AGM from a pool of nominees. Directors will be selected by consensus by those members in attendance.

Candidates should nominate themselves before the AGM to give members time to learn about them. Nomination can be added to this page below.

  • Candidates should provide information about themselves in their nomination. That information can take the form of a bio, resume, or links to present/past projects, as well as answers the following questions:
  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?
  2. What do you want to achieve as a director that you cannot do as a volunteer?
  3. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
  4. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
  5. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.
  6. Current occupation and/or employment.
  • Candidates are requested to notify the General mailing list with a link to their nomination. (Please note that subscribing to the mailing list is required in order to use it.)
  • Candidates will be expected to speak at the meeting as to why they are applying for a position on the Board.
  • Attendees will be granted time to ask the candidates questions.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Geek!

Candidate Nominations

Nigel Cornwall

Robert John Pilkington

Jeffrey Dean Moncrieff

Trevor W. McKeown

I've been donating to Free Geek Vancouver sporadically since the society was founded but only managed to take the orientation last month. Having promoted the use of Free Geek within various organizations over the years, I feel it is now time for me to step up and make a personal contribution. I've reviewed the by-laws and posted minutes, and wish to nominate myself for election to the board.

I have thirty years publishing experience, including writing, editing, marketing and design, and am currently a library and archives curator. I also have considerable experience working on councils and boards for co-operatives and not-for-profits, usually serving as chair, facilitator or other executive officer.

I have two projects I believe would be of value to the society. One is researching and maintaining a history of Free Geek Vancouver. It is far too easy in the early days of an organization to lose track of its history. The second is assisting with developing and implementing a marketing plan. Free Geek has a powerful and important message that needs to be communicated to the corporate and local community. I believe I have the skills and experience to help make that happen.

George WL Wong

my self nomination information is essentially the same as last year

what is new for me this year is

I want to assist the board to work hard on

the recruitment of volunteers to work on social media, and the recycling of smart devices ..
thank you for your consideration

Put a description of yourself and your candidacy here

  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?

I have some ideas on improving the volunteer program

making Free Geek a training camp, for underemployed professionals, immigrants, and the unemployed, and students
establishing prototype programs, and apply for grants to support these programs

on improving the role Free Geek plays as the preferred channel of technology recycle

  by establishing on going communication with governments and retailer and business and institutions  for
    donation of retired technology

on making more transparent the relationship Free Geek have with volume buyers, wholesalers etc

on establishing relationship with retailers of consumer technology items

  this relationship is important because people drop off retired items where they bought them

  1. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
i have been a volunteer for about 3 years
one of the sometimes active fringe elements

  1. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
volunteer tutor in schools
  1. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.

 one of the objective I wish to accomplish is to encourage all volunteers to progress through all stations
 when they are ready, to the board of directors

  1. Current occupation and/or employment.
electronic technician ( biomedical equipment maintenance)
some of the things that I would like to take responsibility and accountability for 
(1) discuss ways  Free Geek can become a central player in the Green environmental strategy 
    for Metro Vancouver
    by positioning Free Geek as the preferred channel for the reuse and recycling of all
    consumer technology such as laptops, cameras, smartphones ,ipads etc
    by forming partnerships with retailers,who collect retired gadgets from consumers 
    by developing infrastructures at Free geek and training programs 
       that enable the volunteers to process these gadgets
    by prototype training programs designed for different types of volunteers
       such as immigrant professionals, students, unemployed etc
    by getting grants to support these training programs
 (2) seeking a fair balance in the business relationship between Free Geek and volume buyers
     who buy stuffs from Free Geek and resell them for profits
     the kinds of stuffs that volume buyers can buy from Free Geek 
     need to be in constant and open review
     for example, laptops,Lcd monitors, cameras, rare items such as camera memory cards,  
     digital pianos, iMacs , iPads
     should be out of bound for resale to volume buyers
     what the volume buyers can buy from Free Geek are stuffs that we do not have the facility and training program to process
     iMacs , ipads are things that Free Geek should gear up facilities and training for.
     rare items such as digital pianos, wireless N adapters are in demand by individuals for personal use, volume buyers should
     rarely get their hands on these items

what I see as pressing business for the coming year,

  is establishing working relations with Metro Vancouver, retailers
  have consumer drop off retired laptops where they bought them
  have laptops delivered to free geek on aircraft carriers
  show the world that free Geek has the facilities, infrastructure 
  operation management skills, trained volunteers 
  to process these laptops
  and return these laptops to society 
  in a nonprofit manner
  the operation at Free geek today is somewhat chaotic
  we can only process a few laptops at a time
  we lack the operation management system to process 100 laptops a day
   in the green environment strategy of Metro Vancouver,
    Free Geek is missing the boat, 
    or the aircraft carriers. 
    we are missing that balls , or laptops, cameras, imacs, smartphone, smart tablets
    all sorts of good stuff

    the Free Geek business is very pressing, that is why I fell like nominating myself to be a director
   as I say , Free Geek hour is happy hour, Free Geek hour is a volunteer's finest hour  
a photo of George WL Wong

George wl wong.jpg

George wong.jpg

the excitement of being a Free Geek volunteer, and a director is that

 you want to grab all the technology stuff from the community ,
 you want to grab them all, from universities and retail store recycle programs
 then you help volunteers to process them and sell them
 I see many university students coming to Free Geek working on the retired iMacs 
  many high school students come to Free Geek learning to sell those iMacs in the Free Geek store
  gaining valuable industrial experience, business experience , retail experience
 to help make all that happen , is part of the excitement of being director


Rex Brocki

What is your interest in joining the Board?

Arthur C. Clarke once said that "A board is long, hard, and narrow... it is also made entirely of wood." Sounds good to me!

What do you want to achieve as a director that you cannot do as a volunteer?

Shoot my mouth off on a larger scale, of course... what else?

What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?

Oh pooh, a question I have to give a straight answer to: Since my other commitments precluded my appearing at Free Geek during working hours, I gave rides to other volunteers for a while, but finally, this year, I was able to scare up enough free time, and have been terrorizing my fellow volunteers on open help night ever since (I understand many of them are supporting me for board membership... apparently they'll do almost anything to make sure I'll be too busy to keep showing up Wednesday nights!).

Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?

Crud, another boring straight answer: being a loudmouthed pain in the neck, I have given time to far too many volunteer/non-profit/political activist organizations to count over the last half-century.

Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.

(Oh boy, am I going to regret answering this one honestly): Okay folks, I DETEST being a treasurer, and will kick and scream loudly if requested to serve as one again... but my pathological honesty compels me to admit that I have served as a treasurer or assistant treasurer in a virtually unbroken string from 1964 through 2013 for various volunteer organizations, most recently for the Constitutional Media Political Action Committee in the States, where we shot four ninety-minute films, printed more than 60,000 copies, and delivered them all, on time, and under budget. Not a bad record, if I do say so myself.

Current occupation and/or employment.

I'm a Professional Loudmouth (Well, it's perfectly true: I don't currently do a full time radio show as I did for many years, but I fill in on three different networks when other hosts are busy. I make the remainder of my living as a writer... which is merely loudmouthishness frozen in print.). I'm also a political activist... where the loud mouth comes in REALLY handy.

Phil Sano

I would like to nominate myself for the Free Geek Vancouver Board of Directors.

I am one of the early main organizers at the Mothership in Portland, starting all the way back in 2000. I worked with the organization over the years in many different roles.

I was the first office manager, helping to build the systems for processing volunteers and donations. I designed "the tour" that became the touchstone for helping to share our mission with as many new faces as possible. Giving the tour to volunteers and donors had a valuable influence on our donation stream. I trained many new volunteers on our methods and worked with lots of new faces from different backgrounds.

Later on I became the Special Projects Coordinator giving me the flexibility to help in different facets of the organization. I took on responsibility for event coordination of the annual Geek Fair, Free Geek Holiday Party, Geek Prom and many other outreach and inreach events. Events like these helped retain and create long-term volunteers, draw community/media interest, and make Free Geek Portland more gallons (litres!) of awesome. I am a community builder, and I work hard to bring people together. I understand Free Geek's essential uniqueness, programs and appeal, and I can communicate all of these effectively to a wider audience.

My strong suits include a healthy basic understanding of technology and a strong understanding of people -- and how technology can work for communities. Having traveled and lived in many different places over the years I feel very comfortable among new people. While I have not been a regular volunteer at Free Geek Vancouver thus far, I think my other qualities will make my presence on the board an asset.

I'm sorry I missed Free Geek Vancouver's visit to Portland in June! I hope you all had a good time. Exchange within the Free Geek family is instructive in my experience. I am still involved with sharing the mission and interfacing with other Free Geeks. I have visited Free Geek in Columbus, Olympia, Toronto and Vancouver a number of times over the years and continue to share the ideals with people I meet around the world.

I have been traveling Europe this summer and I plan to return in September. I can attend board meetings virtually in the meantime, and would love the chance to be of service to Free Geek Vancouver as a director.

Thomas Hoff

ThomasHoffltd@gmail.com My name is Thomas Hoff and I am interested in being a director at FreeGeek.

My IT career has been focused focus on virtualization, networking, and "cloud" technology. I'm well versed in several virtualization products such as VMware, RedHat/KVM, and Xen. I've built server rooms from the ground up, done migrations, and deployed wireless mesh networks. I primarily work in Linux but I have plenty of experience supporting Windows and Mac OSX. I've done some programming in C++, VB6.0, and Bash and I've built websites using HTML, PHP, JavaScript and Flash.

I also have a background in the aviation industry as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I've worked at YVR airport doing line maintenance on live aircraft and I've rebuilt crashed helicopters at Langley Airport. I have taken courses in Human Factors, learned how to prevent human error and applied that knowledge to successfully keep every aircraft I have worked on fit and safe for flight.

When I was ten years old I decided that I wanted to fix aircraft. Being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer was my goal, and I accomplished that, but computers have always been my passion. I eat, breath, and dream technology. I have calculated that I've spent close to 50,000 hours behind a computer. My passion is what drives my IT career.

I am reliable team player and I enjoy helping others. I thrive in a high pressure environment and I am really dedicated to my work. I keep working until the job is done and everyone is happy with the result. This is why I think I would be a good fit in your environment

Thank you for your time and consideration, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Work Experience:

DOSarrest Internet Security Systems Administrator/Security Analyst. Manage and deploy gentoo servers in Los Angles, New York and London. Load balancing nginx proxy servers. Applying system wide updates to address OpenSSL heartbleed and ntp amplification attacks. Maintaining a gentoo build server and standardizing our OS. Apply ACLs and other security policies to broadcade, cisco and juniper network devices. Migrating network topologies and restricting managment/logging traffic to isolated networks as part of project to become PCI compliant. Monitor network traffic, and investigate suspicious activity. Mitigate DDOS attacks using various network strategies such as BGP null routing, IP blacklisting, rate limiting or using application layer strategies such as applying regex url ACLs, caching, and injecting client validation requests. Answer support calls from Network Engineers and other Systems Administrators and troubleshoot WAN based networking issues.

Digital Payment Technologies Systems Administrator. Manage development severs and assist developers with troubleshooting. Maintain Lenovo, HP and SuperMicro servers in a PCI compliant environment.. Write bash scripts for server deployment. Implement a backup solution for development severs using BackupPC. Setup Zabbix, Ganglia for monitoring and reporting. Migrate and upgrade Subversion, Jira, and Confluence from old Ubuntu legacy servers to new HP Proliant servers running CentOS. Assist Quality Assurance by writing bash scripts to simulate high webtraffic loads.

Image-Engine Systems Administrator. Manage 100+ users in an linux environment. Maintain IBM, HP and SGI blade servers. Deploy and manage Brocade switches. Test next generation workstations and prepare for deployment. Prepare documentation and plan for scheduled downtime. Respond to tickets and support end users. Migrate all servers and workstations from Centos5 to Centos6. Write bash scripts and python scripts to automate new user creation, workstation deployment and sever deployment. Setup Cobbler, Zabbix and Cacti for monitoring and management of the renderfarm.

Bing Han Systems Administrator. Working with webdevelopers and the project manager to meet business goals. Migrate all data onto new and healthier hardware. Scheduling and automating backups. Convert all XenServer hosts into Xen Cloud Platform hosts. P2V all legacy servers. Build staging environment for the Web Developers. Pushing servers and updates to live servers on Amazon EC2. Setup site to site VPN bridges and managing DNS servers. Support web developers with PHP, MYSQL, Drupal and Magento. Manage firewalls, network and the rest of the infrastructure.

Pointstreak Solutions Linux Systems Administrator. Supporting web developers, building the infrastructure and maintaining the network. Working primarily with developers by providing them with virtualized development environments. Primarily Redhat/KVM, LAMP stacks, and Oracle SQL database. Migrate old servers from VMware Server 2.0 to KVM hosts on new Dell r720 servers. Physically relocate in-office server rack to allow for renovations. Manage all desktops in the office, supply new employees with computers, and train new employees on in-house procedures. Manage Ubuntu workstations. Rebuild internal network, DNS, DHCP, TFTP, and P2V VOIP server. Setup Jira backend, mediaWiki, wordpress, SVN servers for project management. Setup CentOS LAMP stacks and support web developers with PHP and MYSQL. Setup Squid proxy servers and Varnish caching servers. Manage Amazon EC2 VMs and BIND DNS servers.

RSC Group Systems Administrator. Analyze existing the IT infrastructure and determine points of failure and vulnerabilities. VMware ESXi/ESX, HyperV , Active Directory, Security Policies, WAN/LAN, VoIP, and employee laptops and cell phones. Manage all desktops in the office, supply new employees with computers, and train new employees. Migrate VMware ESX 4.0 hosts to VMware ESXi 5.1 and migrate onto new Dell SAN. Mesh VOIP service into Microsoft Lync.

Zoic Studios Systems Administrator. Expand and implement new IT infrastructure in a live production environment. Deployment of blade servers, VMware ESXi, VMware/Teradici PCoIP hardware, Virtual Desktops, networking infrastructure. Manage users in a Microsoft Active Directory environment. Troubleshoot server room environmental issues. Assign workstations for users and perform desktop support as needed.

Pacific Coastal Airlines Aircraft Maintenace Engineer. Responsible for the routine and line maintenance of Saab 340, Shorts 360s, and Beechcraft 1900c turbo-prop aircraft. Work on airside doing inspections on aircraft between flights. Responding to any snags the pilots call in. Work with apprentices and sign off their work. Sign off Inspections and Maintenance Releases.

Harbour Air Aircraft Maintenace Engineer. Corrosion removal, metal preparation, and paint prep work of De Havilland Beaver and Otter float planes.

Canadian HeliStructures LTD Aircraft Structures Technician. Responsible for the repair, modification, and overhaul of Bell Helicopter airframes. Fabrication of composite, titanium, fiberglass, and aluminium parts and repairs.


Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator

Microsoft Certified IT Professional


BCIT- Aircraft Maintenance Engineer cat "M" Aircraft maintenance, inspection, repair and modification. Troubleshooting aircraft structural, mechanical and/or electrical systems to identify problems.

BCIT - Aircraft Maintenance Engineer cat "S" Responsible for the assessment, planning and implementation of aircraft structural fabrication and repairs. Inspection, removal, overhaul and installation of aircraft structures.

Patrick Chu