Annual General Meeting - 2013-09-12

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Annual General Meeting minutes for Thursday, September 12th, 2013, 7:00pm at
Location: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver BC
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  • Mike M.
  • Davy O.
  • Ole, J.
  • Alec S.
  • Andrew M.
  • Robert P.
  • Stanley W.,
  • Karen N.
  • Ryan R.
  • William L.
  • Brian M.
  • Adam W.
  • Adrian W.
  • Michael D.
  • Tim A.
  • Mike F.
  • Nigel C.
  • Dave F.
  • Ross P.
  • Anthony L.
  • Kim K.


  • Louis V
  • Graham S.
  • David M.
  • Linda W.
  • Steve H.
  • Chris W.
  • Jonathan W.
  • Sandy L.

7:15pm Call to Order

Introductions / Roles

  • Facilitator: Alec Smecher
  • Scribe: Tim Adkins
  • Consensus Briefing: Alec Smecher

Review minutes from 2012 AGM

Minutes of previous AGM are posted [[1]]. AGM 2012 minutes accepted by consensus.


Staff Report

Tim Adkins:

  • Geoff Bowers was the only departure.
  • Adrian Wong brought on to fill the Production Coordinator role.
  • Mike Frost's position (Laptop Coordinator) became full-time.
  • New part-time position, Admin Coordinator, filled by Karen Nygaard.

Directors' Report

Nigel Cornwall: Board goals for 2013 were to:

  1. Keep FGV on track financially.
  2. Increase living wages for staff.

Both were achieved.
We have been faced with fluctuations in market prices of commodities, which affects our recycling revenue. There have been minimal deviations from budget overall, however. A marketing plan was presented earlier in the year. A couple of directors left and a couple joined since the last AGM. Relatively stable.

Finance Report

Adam Wood delivered the report on behalf of Justin Simpson: 2012 ended with a $38,035.62 profit. Total retained earnings on December 31, 2012 (profit from earlier years plus 2012 profit) was $124,933.87. There was $135,082.54 of total current assets as of December 31, 2012.  This is cash in bank accounts ($130k) plus prepayments and accounts receivables. 

The budget for 2013 called for a raise in both the hourly wage and the number of paid staff hours.  The budget approved by the membership called for a $24,000 deficit for 2013.

As of August 31, 2013:

  • Loss so far for 2013 was -$21,816.64.
  • Total current assets was $109,021.45.

Income from recycling does not arrive in a consistent fashion; a new US dollar cheque was received this week for the latest recycling shipment, that will reduce the deficit.  Additionally, we are still waiting for payments to cover subsidies for summer interns from 2 organizations, that will further reduce the deficit.

There were some additional labour costs approved by the directors over the summer, (one intern that was not covered by a subsidy), that will have a small impact on the annual deficit.

Based on the first eight months, it is likely that the total deficit for 2013 will be less than projected. Financial Statements for 2012 are available by emailing the



  • Roles presented ([[2]])
  • Accepted by consensus with the following amendments:
    • Proposal to add Health & Safety specifically to the Legal/Bylaw lead role: passed by consensus.
    • Proposal to add "Web" to the Marketing lead role: passed by consensus.
    • Proposal to extend director terms to two years accepted in principal by those present, however concerns about the legal requirements of notification not being met prevented the proposal from being passed. Agreement reached that nominees would be asked to state their intention or availability for staying on for an additional year, where appropriate and to be confirmed by the membership at the next AGM.

Selection Process

Process essentially unchanged from last year[[3]]. Self-nominated directors introduce themselves:

  • Mike McManus
  • Christopher Hooper
  • Nigel Cornwall
  • Adam Wood
  • Robert Pilkington

Three in abstentia:

  • Scott Nelson
  • Justin Simpson
  • Justin Devonshire

Furthermore, Alec Smecher nominated for Anti-Harassment lead.

Directors selected into roles.

    • Board facilitator lead: Scott Nelson
    • Assistant board facilitator lead: Justin Simpson
    • Treasurer: Justin Simpson
    • Secretary: Robert Pilkington
    • HR lead: Adam Wood
    • Anti-harassment lead: Alec Smecher
    • Marketing & Web lead: Nigel Cornwall
    • Recycling lead: Mike McManus
    • Legal, Bylaw, Health & Safety lead: Scott Nelson.

Additionally, Justin Devonshire was selected for a new non-board role as Volunteer-Board Liaison.
Meeting ends 10:00pm.