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Free Geek's Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to the organisation, along with other opportunities for service.

  • Candidates can nominate themselves before the AGM only.
  • Nominating someone else is permitted as well, before the AGM however the nominee can respectfully decline.
  • Positions on the board will be described here: Board roles 2012
  • The positions will be filled from the pool of nominees. Directors will be selected from the pool of candidates based on best fit for the position and by consensus by those members in attendance.
  • Directors' terms are one year, and incumbent Directors may run again. The current board recommends that terms be increased to two years and positions staggered for annual election. This will be for a future board to implement.
  • Candidates will be expected to speak at the meeting as to why they would be the best choice for one of the board positions.
  • Attendees will be granted time to ask the candidates questions.

If you are planning on being a candidate at the 2011 AGM, please tell us a bit about yourself below, and notify the General mailing list with a link to your info. Please note that you will need to subscribe first in order to email the list.

Please provide a bio, resume, or links to present/past projects as well as answer the following questions.

  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?
  2. What do you want to achieve as a director that you cannot do as a volunteer?
  3. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
  4. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
  5. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.
  6. Current occupation and/or employment.

You will be expected to attend an information session about being a director.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Geek!

Scott Nelson

1) What is your interest in joining the Board?

  • Primarily to provide continuity with last year's Board.

2) What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?

  • I was one of the founders and served on the first board. I have volunteered in various capacities over the years.

3) Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?

  • A multitude including board experience with the Vancouver Community Net, the Artists Legal Outreach Society, the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation and well as volunteer and social advocacy work around the democratization of technology, open source software, cycling & urban design, international development, media and environmental stewardship.

4) Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.

  • Access to informal legal opinions thorugh my partner who is a non-profit lawyer with BCPIAC.

5) Current occupation and/or employment.

  • I am self-employed as a technologist - current clients include the MetaIntegral Foundation, VanCity Foundation, PeaceGeeks, and the BC Council for International Cooperation.

You can learn a bit more about me via my Google+ bio.

Chris Hooper

Chis Hooper is presenting himself as a nominee for the Board of Directors. He has been a long time volunteer—four years—attending numerous monthly meetings, participating in a couple outreach events, and previously served two terms on the Board. Chris was attracted to Free Geek for its mission of melding environmentalism and computer technology, as well as its principles and practices in how it governs and operates.

He has a knowledge of computers, particularly regarding hardware, allowing him to lend advise and train other volunteers. During his time as a member of the board, he also took a small business payroll course to be better able to administer payroll duties.

Chris worked in a plastics manufacturing plant for six years, and recently went to school to become an animator, which he currently does from home.

He has the time and energy to contribute to financial and legal considerations required by the Board, and any other administrative tasks for the Society.

George WL Wong

my self nomination information is essentially the same as last year

Put a description of yourself and your candidacy here

  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?

I have some ideas on improving the volunteer program

making Free Geek a training camp, for underemployed professionals, immigrants, and the unemployed, and students
establishing prototype programs, and apply for grants to support these programs

on improving the role Free Geek plays as the preferred channel of technology recycle

  by establishing on going communication with governments and retailer and business and institutions  for
    donation of retired technology

on making more transparent the relationship Free Geek have with volume buyers, wholesalers etc

on establishing relationship with retailers of consumer technology items

  this relationship is important because people drop off retired items where they bought them

  1. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
i have been a volunteer for about 3 years
one of the sometimes active fringe elements

  1. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
volunteer tutor in schools
  1. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.

 one of the objective I wish to accomplish is to encourage all volunteers to progress through all stations
 when they are ready, to the board of directors

  1. Current occupation and/or employment.
electronic technician ( biomedical equipment maintenance)
some of the things that I would like to take responsibility and accountability for 
(1) discuss ways  Free Geek can become a central player in the Green environmental strategy 
    for Metro Vancouver
    by positioning Free Geek as the preferred channel for the reuse and recycling of all
    consumer technology such as laptops, cameras, smartphones ,ipads etc
    by forming partnerships with retailers,who collect retired gadgets from consumers 
    by developing infrastructures at Free geek and training programs 
       that enable the volunteers to process these gadgets
    by prototype training programs designed for different types of volunteers
       such as immigrant professionals, students, unemployed etc
    by getting grants to support these training programs
 (2) seeking a fair balance in the business relationship between Free Geek and volume buyers
     who buy stuffs from Free Geek and resell them for profits
     the kinds of stuffs that volume buyers can buy from Free Geek 
     need to be in constant and open review
     for example, laptops,Lcd monitors, cameras, rare items such as camera memory cards,  
     digital pianos, iMacs , iPads
     should be out of bound for resale to volume buyers
     what the volume buyers can buy from Free Geek are stuffs that we do not have the facility and training program to process
     iMacs , ipads are things that Free Geek should gear up facilities and training for.
     rare items such as digital pianos, wireless N adapters are in demand by individuals for personal use, volume buyers should
     rarely get their hands on these items

what I see as pressing business for the coming year,

  is establishing working relations with Metro Vancouver, retailers
  have consumer drop off retired laptops where they bought them
  have laptops delivered to free geek on aircraft carriers
  show the world that free Geek has the facilities, infrastructure 
  operation management skills, trained volunteers 
  to process these laptops
  and return these laptops to society 
  in a nonprofit manner
  the operation at Free geek today is somewhat chaotic
  we can only process a few laptops at a time
  we lack the operation management system to process 100 laptops a day
   in the green environment strategy of Metro Vancouver,
    Free Geek is missing the boat, 
    or the aircraft carriers. 
    we are missing that balls , or laptops, cameras, imacs, smartphone, smart tablets
    all sorts of good stuff

    the Free Geek business is very pressing, that is why I fell like nominating myself to be a director
   as I say , Free Geek hour is happy hour, Free Geek hour is a volunteer's finest hour  
a photo of George WL Wong

George wl wong.jpg

George wong.jpg

the excitement of being a Free Geek volunteer, and a director is that

 you want to grab all the technology stuff from the community ,
 you want to grab them all, from universities and retail store recycle programs
 then you help volunteers to process them and sell them
 I see many university students coming to Free Geek working on the retired iMacs 
  many high school students come to Free Geek learning to sell those iMacs in the Free Geek store
  gaining valuable industrial experience, business experience , retail experience
 to help make all that happen , is part of the excitement of being director
what a baby..


Sarah White

What is your interest in joining the Board? I have been looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the community in which I can use some of my current skills, hopefully learn some new ones while networking and making a difference.

What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?' I haven't had a great deal of experience with Free Geek except that I often referred clients there when I worked for a women's anti violence organization on the Downtown Eastside. Free Geek has also donated to my current organization, The Heart of Richmond AIDS Society.

Do you have other non-profit or community service experience? I have a great deal of non-profit and community service experience, locally and abroad. I have worked for not-for-profit organizations for years both in Australia and Canada doing a lot of Outreach and Advocacy work. I also have my Bachelor of Social Work which included 4 practicum placements in non-profit organizations. I sat on the Board of Directors at Women's Wellness in Prince George. I currently volunteer for HI Hostel as a tour leader. In the past I have done many things including volunteering (including helping with proposals) at an orphanage in India, volunteering for the Labour Council, the Red Cross, Take Back the Night, Cancer and Heart and Stroke Foundations, and St. Vincent de Paul. Through my job I currently sit on 5 different community committees including the Community HIV and AIDS Committee and Women and Children`s committee. While working for Elizabeth Fry I sat on a committee which spear headed an on-going fundraising initiative to build and fund a shelter for women in India as well as raising funds for our shelter in Prince George. I was also a member then council member for the International Order of Job`s Daughters. One of the cornerstones of that organization is community service.

Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service. I have experience in fundraising, editing, policy writing, and have helped with proposal writing. I am highly skilled at working with people in many capacities: coordinating, organizing, medicating, supporting, and engaging.

Current occupation and/or employment. I am currently employed as the Outreach and Education Coordinator at the Heart of Richmond AIDS Society. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds living with HIV, providing individualized support. I facilitate a weekly support group and organize various events. I also go into every public high school in Richmond and do HIV workshops with Grade 10 - 12 students. I am currently on medical leave but will be returning to work in September.

Nigel Cornwall

I would like to put myself forward as a candidate to serve on Free Geek’s Board. As requested I have included some information about myself and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Nigel Cornwall

Questions for board candidates

1. What is your interest in joining the Board?'

My Interest in joining the board is to ensure the ongoing success of Free Geek.

2. What do you want to achieve as a director that you cannot do as a volunteer?'

I think we can make better relationships with local business about the work Free Geek does. I would want to build relationships with large organisations so that donation of equipment to Free Geek would be their first choice. My own experience has shown me that that is not the case today. I think I can be a great asset in making this change.

3. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?'

I joined Free Geek a year ago and have volunteered in most areas. I particular enjoy working in the Laptop build area. In March I taught a class on how to troubleshoot computer problems.

4. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?'

Since moving to Canada I have been an active volunteer. I have given my time to Vancouver Aquarium and was PAC Chair for 5 Years. My current volunteer positions include

Jericho Rescue – Member of Rescue Team

Nature Vancouver – Committee Member

Marine Life Sanctuary Society – Board Member

5. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.'

I have the experience of working as a director on other boards and the professional skills required fulfilling this position.

6. Current occupation and/or employment.'

I have been involved in the computer industry since the first PC was made by IBM in 1981. Recent Roles have included Project Manager for servers across multiple sites and IT Manager in Vancouver. Currently I am self-employed.

Further information can be found on my LinkedIn Profile http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/nigel-cornwall/4/853/8b6

Mike McManus

My name is Mike. Many of you know me from seeing me around for the last 5 years. I've been involved in many aspects of the operation, and I feel my experience throughout the organization would give me a great deal of knowledge about how FreeGeek is run in many aspects. I see room to continue doing things right, while where we can improve, my understanding of the methods and practices in place will help the Society move forward and try new ways of seeing problems. I want to see the Society continue and grow and succeed, and I believe I can help in this.

I've been volunteering and working with FreeGeek Vancouver for since 2007. I've worked with virtually everyone within the organization in that time, on everything from Pickups to working with Volunteers to coordinating efforts at Open Help Night. My past experience has made me sit up and take notice of what's going on, both what works and what needs improvement, and when useful, work where possible to improve it, within the system.

I'm feel that in joining the Board of FreeGeek Vancouver, I can make a difference. Innovation is great, but sometimes you have to make sure change is being sought only in areas that need improvement. I'm a great believer, from the school of hard knocks, in process and doing things right. I'm not a believer in bureaucracy for it's own sake. FreeGeek needs to avoid unnecessary procedures an, only developing systems that are needed, and focused on what FreeGeek is trying to achieve, not just for procedures' own sake.

I see many areas where things are being done right, and we need to continue and learn from those. And where things are not going right, we need to learn and use that for an opportunity to learn and grow both as an organization and a cause, improve what we're doing and how we're doing it..

I have over 28 years of Community Service, and significant experience working with both Governmental and large organizations in a variety of roles. I've seen how complex organization operate, both from an internal an external view, and am aware of many of the advantages and shortfall of big government, and how to operate within a restrictive framework to bring about change and results. I'm also aware and able to bring experience in creative thinking within a complex organization to achieve results in the face of both inertia and bad practices. I think this may be something that FreeGeek needs at this time, both internally, and in dealing with external organizations, at all levels of government, and with corporations and not-for-profits. I recognize that in the end, outreach is achieved through people and connecting with them, not through mission statements alone, but also through real and positive dialogue and idea sharing.

Most recently I have been self-employed in the high-technology field, as well as advocacy work and a support worker for handicapped and disabled people. I also participate in home-care work and dealing with the provincial and federal bureaucracies involved.

Regards, Mike McManus

Anne Der

1. What is your interest in joining the Board?

To contribute to the Free Geek operation, ethical recycling and Open Source.

2. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?

Helped at the Free Geek - VanLug table at LinuxCon 2011. I've attended Open Help Night several times. (I was pleasantly surprised to find myself trouble-shooting a laptop running on Ubuntu, at an Open Help night.) Purchased a trusty IBM Lenovo T61 from the Thrift Store. Completed the volunteer orientation.

3. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?

For the past year I have been the volunteer webmaster / designer / developer / graphic designer / copy editor / web manager at reelcauses.org, a monthly film event at the VIFF Vancity Theatre. I am a past secretary of the Point Grey Foreshore Society. I have volunteered at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, and tutored in the Kwantlan College adult education program.

4. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.

- I am interested in serving as the marketing lead and can assist with the Free Geek website and in small business development.
- I can assist the marketing lead if a better-qualified candidate is chosen.
- I would find a mentor in developing a business plan for Free Geek.
- The business plan would need to be developed in consultation with the collective and members.
- I've worked in media monitoring which is related to marketing and public relations.
- My education and work experience includes: Four years of training as an architect. Projects I've worked on include renovations at Robson Square, YVR, Surrey Place Mall, and the Gertrude Lawson House in West Vancouver. Architecture is self-defined as a problem-solving exercise and a profession for generalists. Transferable skills include: creative and analytical thinking, planning and community consultation, preparing Requests For Proposals; and communicating through oral presentation, graphic design, drawing and three-dimensional modeling.
- Possible marketing ideas for the Free Geek website include: a shopping cart so that customers outside Metro Vancouver can purchase products; an IRC chat line where volunteers can provide technical support to Free Geek members and customers.
- I would like to examine how wages can be improved for Free Geek staff.
- I could work with the Board in grant writing.

5. Current occupation and/or employment

I am exploring a career transition into web design and development. I am self-trained and use Linux and Open Source software. My web portal is http://www.westend-atelier.ca

Kind regards,

Anne Der