Annual General Meeting - 2011-08-18

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Annual General Meeting minutes for Thursday, August 18th, 2011, 7:00pm at
Location: Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver BC
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  • Anna Knowlson
  • Luke Cyca
  • Chris Hooper
  • Wayne Fung
  • George WL Wong
  • Bill McGrath
  • Alishams Hassam
  • Devenne Drege
  • Karen Nygaard
  • Brian Kalke
  • Mark Westhaver
  • Dave Floyd
  • Alec Smecher
  • Rod Brennan
  • Jessica Mason
  • Geoff Bowers
  • Jordan Eunson
  • Joshua Caldwell
  • Mike McManus
  • Scott Nelson
  • Kirisy Johnstone
  • Roy Wallace
  • Christine Ho
  • Mahmoud Karkhairan
  • Simon Pavitt
  • Daniel Moncadau
  • John Weintraub


  • Facilitator: Alec
  • Scribe: Luke
  • Consensus Briefing: Ali
  • New Bylaws briefing: Alec

Existing directors are introduced

Nominated directors are introduced

Review minutes from 2010 AGM

Chris: The minutes as posted on the wiki are incomplete.

Nobody else confirmed or denied.

Minutes were not officially approved.

Annual Reports

Finance Report

Luke presented 2010 finance report, and YTD report for June 30, 2011

Store Report

Luke presented graphs that were prepared Tim. Reports were accessible on fg-general Aug. 20, 2011.

Recycling Report

Dave: Steel prices are down but gold prices are up. Our quantities are way up over other years.

Luke: Overall revenue is much higher over past years.


Selection Process

Alec: We will use the same selection process as in previous years, but decisions will be made by consensus as per new bylaws.

Chris: director nominees should not be required to leave during the election process because they would be denied their right to participate.

Several people bring up anecdotes about precedent of director nominees being asked to leave in previous AGMs.

Ali proposes: that we use pencils and paper to write down comments to anonymize.

  • Not passed

Luke proposes: that we have the discussion without the nominees, but put the comments in the minutes anonymously

  • Not passed

Luke proposes: that we elect directors one-by-one. One person would leave at a time. Everyone else would participate in the discussion and decision.

  • Passed by consensus

John W proposes: that maximum 5 minute time limit discussion per candidate.

  • Passed by consensus

Alec proposes: maximum 2 minutes per introduction

  • Passed by consensus


Written introductions were prepared in advance on the wiki

  • Mike McManus - Withdrawn
  • Wayne Fung
  • Alishams Hassam
  • Devenne Drege
  • Scott Nelson
  • Christine Ho
  • Bill McGrath
  • Brian Kalke - Withdrawn
  • Chris Hooper
  • John Weintraub
  • Karen Nygaard
  • George W L Wong
  • Joshua Caldwell
  • Rod Brennan


Alec: Do you have a conflict of interest

  • Ali & Devenne: Romantically tied and would stand aside if it was ever material
  • Rod: May at some point seek employment with Free Geek, understands that he may need to step down from the board
  • All other nominees: None

Mark: What do candidates feel they can contribute as a director that they can't as a volunteer?

  • Wayne: Experience with board-level issues
  • Ali: Grants, Keyholder, Prestige when interacting on Free Geek's behalf
  • Devenne: Experience with board matters, more access to Free Geek affairs
  • Scott: Experience with other boards, legal issues
  • Christine: Bank, Finance experience, Administrative
  • Bill: Experience with board-level issues
  • Chris: Level of access, financial and legal issues
  • John: Experience in business strategy, finance, legal
  • Karen: Helpful when collecting receivables
  • George: Develop more programs like the recycling one with London Drugs
  • Joshua: Experience with organizational structures
  • Rod: Skills in business, negotiation

Election Decisions


Elected by Consensus


Not elected. Group's opinion that contributions could be made just as effectively as a volunteer

Ali: the process was extremely unfair


Elected by Consensus


Elected by Consensus


Elected by Consensus


Elected by Consensus


Ali: Points out conflict of interest from staff members, and proposes that they stand aside.

  • Not passed

Not elected. Group's opinion that there were conflicts that were not resolved successfully


Not elected. Concerns about overcommitment, communication, and ability and willingness to adapt to Free Geek ideals and practices.


Elected by Consensus


Not elected. Concerns over communication, narrow focus, applicable experience. Appreciate significant volunteer work and patience.


Concerns over punctuality and follow through.

Elected by Consensus


Concern that he would need to step down in the event of accepting a paid position at Free Geek.

Elected by Consensus

Closing and Adjournment