2010 Directors Nominations

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Free Geek's Board of Directors provides legal and financial oversight to the organisation, along with other opportunities for service.

  • Candidates can nominate themselves before or during the AGM.
  • Nominating someone else is permitted as well, before or during the AGM.
  • Candidates will have a chance to speak at the meeting and attendees will get to ask them questions.
  • Candidates are selected by consensus.
  • Directors' terms are one year, and incumbent Directors may run again.

If you are planning on being a candidate at the 2010 AGM, please tell us a bit about yourself below, and notify the General mailing list with a link to your info. Please note that you will need to subscribe first in order to email the list.

Perhaps you'll want to provide a bio, resume, or links to present/past projects. You may want to reveal your superpowers, or charming Achilles heel.

You may also speak to these questions if you like:

  1. What is your interest in joining the Board?
  2. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek?
  3. Do you have other non-profit or community service experience?
  4. Additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that pertain to Board service.
  5. Current occupation and/or employment.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Geek!

Jordan Eunson (cue the music)

Hi everyone!

I'm nominating myself for the BoD. I have a lot of info about myself out there, so for work I'm going to include a few references.

A. My portfolio B. My blog

I am a Systems Administrator by trade and a consultant by profession. I've been volunteering at Free Geek for just over a year now doing their systems administration. I currently own two companies, a simple consultancy company and a hardware startup called Copious Communications and thus have experience in a decision making facility.

I am very passionate about E-Waste and its effects worldwide, I am a peer reviewed published author in the UBCMJ (Univeristy of Britsh Columbia Medical Journal) on an article entitled: Electronic Wastelands, Decomposing Computers and Communities Across the World. In it myself and the co-author go into the direct affects of e-waste on human health. The article is slated to be published within the month

I have volunteer experience at Free Geek, (obviously) as well as Women's and Children's Hospital and various religious organizations.

I also have a lot of experience creating and ratifying policies and procedures.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Jordan Eunson


Christopher Hooper

My name is Chris Hooper and I am nominating myself for another term on the Free Geek Vancouver Board of Directors.

I have been a regular volunteer at Free Geek Vancouver for over a year, much of that time as a support volunteer, and have been a member of the Board of Directors since last November. My familiarity with Free Geek includes working at various workstations, attending outreach events, attending meetings, and editing pages in the Wiki. I will continue participating in the ongoing communication, education, and training around Free Geek to help improve the sense of community within the organization, and so that it can continue to prosper.

My background outside of Free Geek is primarily in production, quality, and design in manufacturing. By being involved with developing policies and procedures, I should be able to make a significant contribution with my experience. Computers have also been a long time hobby for me, and a bit of a passion. I feel that the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with other people leads to new and interesting experiences, and volunteering at Free Geek is a great way to accomplish this.

I am fully committed to Free Geek’s mission and use its principles to guide my own responsibilities toward consumption and conservation.

Thank you kindly for you time and consideration of my nomination.

Luke Cyca

I'm nominating myself for a position on the Board of Directors because I think I can be of good service to Free Geek, and because Free Geek is in many ways aligned with my own values concerning consumerism, education, and the environment. In 2004, I created an art installation that called attention to the (then obscure) issue of e-waste.

I am team lead of the High Performance Computing group at Zymeworks, Inc. In addition to significant technical expertise, this position has given me experience with project management, budgeting, capacity modelling, designing policies and procedures, and navigating the corporate landscape in general. Prior to my position at Zymeworks, I was a self-employed graphic designer and web developer. I also perform as a professional musician, and have helped operate bands with a keen balance of democracy, professionalism, and entrepreneurship.

I have been an occasional volunteer at Free Geek over the last year, and have assumed some ongoing Systems Administration duties.

Thanks for your consideration.