2009 Strategic Planning Minutes

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March 8th 1pm-6pm Attendance: Megan, Ifny, Sean, Simon, Stephen, Chris

Organizational Values

Determining an organization's values allows us to make strategic goals that prioritize our collective objectives.

The specific actions that evolve from our collective values manifest in goal setting.

These are the values that were recorded and grouped, they need to be further compiled by the Governance work-group.

1) Collaboration

  • We value collaboration & autonomy
  • We value interdependence, therefore we facilitate opportunities for skillsharing, participation and mutual assistance.
  • We value collective thought, therefore we openly discuss our issues and obtain input from everyone.
  • We value community sharing and mutual support
  • We value experience, therefore we freely exchange it.

2) Equitable distribution of resources

  • We value an equitable distribution of wealth, therefore we strive to provide access to technology to all communities.

3) Empowerment

  • We value empowerment, therefore we strive to support eachother in overcoming our hurdles and systemic oppressions.
  • We value accessibility, therefore we strive to identify and overcome barriers to access.

4) Community & Environmental Accountability

  • We value community, therefore we strive to reduce the negative impacts of e-waste.
  • We value environmental health, therefore we consider the impact of our operations and disposal of electronic waste.
  • We value conservation, therefore we seek to divert waste, both of resources and potential.
  • We value community, therefore we are aware of people and the environment, locally and globally.

5) Learning

  • We value learning, therefore we strive to create an environment that helps us to learn from our mistakes.
  • We value education, therefore we encourage the open flow of information and provide learning opportunities.

6) Freedom

  • We value freedom, therefore we employ systems, procedures, and policies that do not enslave individuals.
  • We value freedom, therefore we work to facilitate choice, consent, awareness, transparency, while working against misinformation, disempowerment and exclusion from the walls of power.

7) Openess/consesnus

  • We value openess, therefore we make decisions publicly and share all information possible,
  • We value transparency, therefore we make available our actions, decisions.

8) Inclusivity/community

  • We value sustainability, therefore we are inclusive of everyone.
  • We value inclusivity, therefore we seek oportunities to remove obstacles, practice transparency and openess, while making conscientious efforts to reach out to new uninvolved communities and individuals.

9) Autonomy

  • We value sovereignty, therefore we strive to keep Free Geeks decision power within its membership
  • We value self sufficiency, therefore we try to be self sustaining and leverage the independence of others.

Years in review

This is a loose list of Goals made at FG to date, the goals are ranked by level of completion, A, B, C

A Goals

These are goals we have achieved:

  • Find downstream recyclers
  • Find a home
  • Get #1 Google rank
  • Get e-steward status
  • Provide public info (safety, health, security)
  • Build a volunteer corps
  • Emphasize reuse
  • Be self-sustaining
  • Build alliances
  • Represent community values at a high level
  • Act with integrity
  • Act above board/legit (go by the book)
  • Serve community
  • Provide a joyful environment for volunteers

B Goals

These are goals we have not completed entirely:

  • Give away computers
  • Pay staff get benefits
  • Promote free software
  • Build useful wiki
  • Build a successful store
  • Proliferation
  • Facilitate interaction of divergent communities
  • Outreach events
  • Non-tech outreach

C Goals

These are goals we have failed at completing

  • Provide education
  • Set up a lab
  • Be accessible
  • Build a volunteer core
  • Practice ethical recycling, raise the bar
  • Develop a successful production line
  • Be financially accountable
  • Be a model of openess
  • Have healthy consensus
  • Provide a joyful environment for staff
  • By-law development
  • Sustainable and safe work environment
  • Effective B.O.D.
  • Provide opportunities for direct action
  • Have working infrastructure

Evaluation of Values & Mission

We measured our past goals against our values. These are the results: (image pending)

Goal Setting

These are goals that were brainstormed. They are matched with a value, and named as a 1 year or 3 year goal.


  • Develop effective production line / store (1 year)
  • "Live" stats for equipment flow (3 year, value #7)
  • Design and implement an effective/sustainable production line (1 year, value #1)
  • Develop production & processing infrastructure (1 year, value #9)
  • Design & implement effective hardware tracking and inventory (3 year, value #9)


  • Develop as a productive workplace (1 year)
  • Create a sustainable and happy workplace (1 year, value #3)
  • Have a permanent HR dept (1 year, value #9)
  • Define mechanisms for staff accountability (1 year, value #6)
  • Make staff experience more supportive, sustainable, positive (1 year value #3)


  • Create safety documentation (1 year, value #4)
  • Improve production to include cleaner work stations (1 year, value #1)

Core volunteers

  • Find ways of retaining and developing volunteers (1 year)
  • Create and maintain an effective group of core volunteers (1 year, value #1)
  • Cultivate core volunteers and use them effectively (1year, value #1)


  • Reach new communities and individuals (1 year, value #8,5)
  • Volunteer opportunities for the disabled (1 year, value #3,8)
  • Make Free Geek more accessible (1 year, value #8,3,6)
  • Wheelchair accessibility, & become generally accessible to diverse communties


  • Broad use of free software (4 years, value #5)
  • Promote benefits of open source software (3 years)
  • Promote the free software philosophy (1 year, value # 6,1)
  • Foster an active software workgroup (1 year, value #1)


  • Structured curricula & education program, make adoption program more educational (1 year, value #5)
  • Extensive classes (1 year, value #5)
  • Create a space for software development, encourage participation of all communities including women (3 years, value #3)
  • Better facilitate education at Free Geek (2 years, value #5)


  • Define roles & training for B.O.D. (1 year, value #9)
  • Create effective bylaws (1 year, value #6)
  • Ensure healthy consensus culture (1 year, value # 8, 1)


  • Have effective working infrastructure (1 year)
  • Design and build an effective technical infrastructure (1 year, value #9)


  • Get audited and fully certified as e-stewards (1 year, value #4)

Focused Planning

Narrow & focus goals

What are the most important things we need to accomplish this year?

1) Safety

2) HR

3) Production

What do we want to accomplish in the next 3 years?


  • Expand our physical space & capacity for production


  • Continue ethical recycling practices
  • More reuse at low end (800-1400 mhz) (value #2)
  • Become a reuse/recycling organization endorsed by the provincial recycling program (2 years, value #9)


  • Clone ourselves (semi-locally) (value #3)
  • Proliferation, e.g. FG mitosis south of the Fraser & vancouver Island, ie another Canadian FG (value # 8,4)
  • Support intergalactic (value #8)


  • Provide opportunities for direct action outreach, eg. mobile donation events (Geek Sweep)
  • Implement a free software outreach and education strategy (value #3)


  • Provide resource grants ie. space for people to work on FG stuff without having to worry about rent etc.

Moving Forward

  • What do we need to meet these goals?

The goals under the following categories need further investigation regarding resources needed:

  • Production
  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Inreach/Consensus
  • Infrastructure


  • Which work groups will take on which tasks/goals?
  • Who will bottomline which issues within workgroups? The bottomliners are not tasked with overseeing thse goals, they are tasked with getting things started.
1 year goals

Production goals -> Operations workgroup - Bottomliner: Ifny

HR -> HR Workgroup - Bottomliners: Ifny, Megan, Luke

Safety -> Operations workgroup Bottomliners: Ifny, Sim

Core Volunteers -> Volunteers Workgroup Bottomliner: Megan

Accessibility -> Volunteers Workgroup Bottomliner: Megan

Software -> Software Workgroup Bottomliner: Sean

Education -> Education Workgroup Bottomliner: 'Education Coordinator'

Inreach/Consensus -> Governance Workgroup Bottomliner: Megan

Infrastructure -> Software Workgroup Bottomliner: Stephen

Accreditation -> Operations workgroup Bottomliner: Ifny

3 year goals

Space -> Operations workgroup

Recycling -> Recycling Workgroup

Proliferation -> Communications Workgroup

Outreach -> Communications Workgroup

Finances -> Finances Workgroup

Check out the workgroups category below: