Volunteer Coordination Meeting - 2009-12-10

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Support Volunteer Meeting MInutes Thursday 10th December 2009

  • Attendance

Ifny Lachance, Jessica Mason, Gregory Dean, Christopher Hooper, George Leung.

  • Updates

-Support Volunteer Handbook has been sent to vol. coord. list. and staff -All stations have an updated handbook now. -There are certificates available for adoption program and build program graduates.


Support Volunteer What Next?

-Scheduling for support volunteers could be 4 per day, 11-3pm shift and 3-6pm shift. One support volunteer covering the mezz, harddrives, phones and the other support volunteer to cover the warehouse, eval, receiving.

-Looking to implement a 2 support volunteer schedule starting at the end of january 2010. Looking to have 4 support volunteers a day by May 2010.


-Each station needs safety pointers, perhaps a safety board for each station. -These safety pointers need to be put into the manuals. -Color coding stations


-There have been some sexist comments heard recently around Free Geek and we all need to tell people when they are being inappropriate. -The staff and volunteers need to create a culture of anti-discrimination so that all feel welcome. -In support volunteer training we need to show people how to call people on their comments. -No one wants to feel like "that guy" who always calls people on their inappropriate actions, so we all need to be that person.

Volunteer Appreciation

-Community board with photos and certificates. -Can we reward productivity?: -It was agreed that implementation could be difficult due to the varying levels of ability. -Lack of efficiency is demoralizing. -This agenda item will be forwarded to the next meeting.

  • Next Meeting Thursday 11th February 2010
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