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Staff meeting Fri 12th March 2010


  • Jessica, Jane, Geoff, Jon, Tyler,
  • Facilitator - Jane
  • Scribe – Geoff and Jessica
  • Regulator - Jane

Previous Commits

  • Adoption of last minutes - Passed

Previous Comits

  • Jessica committed to finding a volunteer to create a breakfast bar. She has said volunteer, and he will do it.
  • Jessica committed to updating the staff handbook with the new TOIL policy. This has been started with Tyler's assistence, but has not been completed.
  • Jessica committed to training everyone on receiving. Not done yet. Will be done after this meeting.
  • Jane committed to looking into insurance – feeding back during meeting. Done
  • Jessica committed to sending a mail to General about the current state of the lists. Done
  • Jamie committed to getting a quote for anti-fatiuge mats. Done.
  • Geoff committed to making copies of the store keys. Not done yet. Fail
  • Joshua and Geoff committed to looking into a website update. In Progress. Just Geoff is looking into this now.
  • Jessica comitted to updating the cpu area. Done.
  • Tyler comitted to signing up Jon to the staff mailing list. Done.
  • Tyler comitted to contacting Sim re: mail accounts. Done.
  • Jamie to put key policy on wiki, in progress.
  • Tyler will COMIT to talking to Sim about adding a mailing list for the store. Jon with COMIT to sending this suggestion to General. No tdone
  • Jon has started a twitter account and FB page. Done
  • Lateness – We don't currently have a policy about staff lateness. Jon and Jessica COMITTED to looking into labour standards and creating a policy. In progress.
  • Staff Positions – Proposal: Staff form a workgroup to discuss staffing. Agreed. Done.


  • Tyler- Doing Laptops all wee, Devenne and Kim have been being trained, covered Jamie for tuesday and Wednesday. Wholesaler brought a bunch of gear this week.
  • Jamie-thanks to people who covered me this wee. Met with XXX from Metro Vancouver about increasing our corporate donations. Batteries and mobos need better qc-ing. Organized contacts in folder in email.
  • Jane-bank drops, presentation creation, admin handbook is almost finished. Trying to get info from people about admin etc. Looked into fundraising.
  • Jessica- Super busy, lots of volunteers and tours are big. Warehouse is tidy and functioning well. FG video is on its way to being complete.
  • Jon- sales have been up this week, craigslist adverts are working well. Focussing on upper scale boxes. Current sales are 1700 ish per month.
  • Geoff-filling the store with video cards a mobos.Optical drives are all tested. Struggling to keep up with demand.
  • Mike- Pickups have been on the light side. First three or four weeks have averaged one paid pickup a week. Jamie wants to add that deliveries have slowed down a bit but doesn't think that it is directly related to the increased pickup charge.
  • Previous meeting minutes adopted!!!


  • Hiring Process- needs to be made clear how we hire people. Jane proposes a streamlined hiring process. Jane commits to writing up what we currently do for hiring.
  • Doing Something Together- Jane asks if we all want to go out for dinner! Geoff commits to organizing this.
  • Open Source Education Centre- Jane has an idea for creating an open source education center. Everyone agreed this was a great idea, and something that we should apply for infrastructure funding. Jane will commit to getting a more former proposal for this.
  • Dust Filters- We need dust filters. Tyler will commit to look into getting these for the warehouse.
  • Hiring- Proposal to hire an Admin Coordinator, responses back by Tuesday from General. Consensus was reached. Production Coordinator will be re looked at next meeting. Geoff, Tyler, Jamie will be in the hiring comittee. Jon will send this proposal to general.
  • After Hours visits- Mike has been coming into the building after hours and taking home purchases. This is a health and safety hazard, there should always be more than one person in the building. Proposal to ban anyone from being in Free Geek after hours alone, except for early mornings from Tuesday to Saturday, all purchases must be taken out of FG during opening hours, so that receipts can be checked. Consensus.
  • Staff Education- Geoff will commit to doing his first aid. Proposal that all staff look into training for themselves and whole team workshops.
  • Monday Presentation- Consent to grant Jessica Time in Lieu for her Burnaby library talk.
  • Receiving- Jamie is really frustrated with receiving. He wants no first timers there. Proposal to not have first timers on receiving, consensus.
  • Friday Pickups-Jamie says that Friday pickups influenece his Saturday workload negatively. Fridays have very low volunteers and can't cope. Proposal to not have pickups on fridays. Consensus.
  • Tech Support/WW- Geoff has been giving tech support. This is not cool. Geoff promises not to give tech support other than on WW. Geoff and Tyler will commit to create a proposal to do more tech support within FG.
  • Pay Anomoly-($124 pa) Jane Commits to discussing this next week
  • Insurance for next door- $50 to increase insurance for a year to next door plus $30 a week for rental. Approx $1800 per year cost. Jessica proposes that she uses ram test to do tours in so Jamie is not affected. Consensus to use HD lab for tours. Jessica saysthat tours are too big and we need to do more, also there are more volunteers than ever. She says that her job is getting too big for one person.
  • Wholesalers- Mike says one of our wholesalers has been difficult to deal with. Proposal to send all sales questions to Jon and to call him in the store so that communication is consistent. Plus any mac ready to be sold or laptops should go down to the stockroom. Consensus.
  • Fundraising- Jane says staff should give her proposals for infrastructure grant ideas.
  • BAN- geoff left the meeting.
  • TOIL- personal days last a year and TOIL rolls over foever but you have to take a day off when five are accumulated.
  • Financial Statements- Our accountant will send us a financial statement each month.
  • Website- Geoff left the meeting
  • 10.04 Release Party- for next week.
  • Jamie's Review- reviews are due in, jessica will commit to sending them out again.
  • Voice mail- Is always full.
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