Staff Meeting - 2011-02-03

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  • Ali S
  • Chris H
  • Dave F
  • Luke C
  • Jessica MP
  • Jordan E
  • Tyler H
  • Geoff B


  • Facilitator: Luke C
  • Scribe: Jordan E


Crisis Intervention Training Program

Jessica's Crisis Intervention Training Program:

  • Chris: How was the course found?
  • Jessica: It's a standard course used by most places that deal with crisis (safe injection sites, recovery houses)
  • Luke: Who puts it on?
  • Jessica: It's in the link, also our non-violent communications policy is cut and paste from this organization
  • Chris: Anyone else offer the training?
  • Jessica: Yeah, but they're not as good.
  • Chris: Why do we need it?
  • Jessica: We deal with potentially violent people or people in crisis.
  • Chris: It appears the one you're applying for is preventative.
  • Jessica: Yes.
  • Chris: Why not develop our own
  • Jessica: It's a better way
  • Luke: To develop our competence as an org this would give us a head start. Especially since we set aside this money other than CPR, but we have that well under control.
  • Chris: What does this course deliver?
  • Luke: Jessica, could you review our policies to bring them in line with what you've learned after taking the course?
  • Jessica: Yes Luke, I can do that.
  • Chris: And perhaps to actively encourage people to review this information
  • Luke: And a report back as to what you learned.
  • Jessica: Yes.
  • Luke: proposal given.


Sales Position

Sales position: We can either hire Cleveland 3days/wk (with the possibility of ramping him up a few months later), or we can shelve the position completely.

  • Luke: What do we want, do we still want this position?
  • Jessica: Geoff has done a great job running the store this week. I would like to have someone who just comes on Saturdays. Other staff will run it the rest of the week. Cleveland would be hired for Saturday. Have it as a trial for three months and see how it goes.
  • Geoff: I would like to not be stuck in the store by default. I don't see any way around that. It will be weeks before it happens even if it's an open hire. Even if we use cleveland he's only available 3 days a week.
  • Luke: How do you (Geoff) feel about Jessica's proposal?
  • Geoff: I don't see it reducing my workload, since I've been running it with volunteers. Perhaps it will work. I'm willing to try it, it's been working.
  • Ali: Do we have trouble finding store volunteers.
  • Jessica: As long as we constantly train people, the store turns into yet another station.
  • Geoff: If we try to hire [by starting over], it will be weeks.
  • Luke: Cleveland is available for 3 days a week. He would be excited to ramp up to full time. That is ready to go tomorrow.
  • Geoff: Yes but the days he's not here were back at the same problem.
  • Luke: He can do his job at 3 days a week to help bootstrap the training. But hopefully you will have more trained volunteers.
  • Geoff: If that works out it's better than nothing. Maybe it's two weeks of half and half.
  • Jordan: What should we do in your opinion?
  • Geoff: no matter what we do we only have either half coverage for 3months or a month of nothing and then full time. The raise thing is not a major issue for me. It's a bummer to preclude any raise since were hiring.

Luke asks rooms whats ideal.

  • Chris: I don't know cause I've been in the dark on this.
  • Dave: 3 days sounds fine to me.
  • Luke: Same with me.
  • Tyler: I really think that having someone offset Geoff's workload is critical. Someone who is responsible.
  • Jessica: Ultimately, Geoff is the one doing the most of the work. Hiring by default is a bad idea.
  • Geoff: We hired him because, Jordan presented the idea of the internship. It really was just by default.
  • Ali: I strongly prefer an open hire. We need an open hiring process. We should stick to it. What else can I say? It's fair.
  • Geoff: We advertised on General, should we go back to them? (Yes) I'll email them and ask them if they are still interested.
  • Ali: I would be interested to see
  • Geoff: Ok
  • Ali: Potential candidates.
  • Geoff: OK
  • Luke: If you've done a bunch of list work already, we can capture that work. Jess can write up some notes about the interviews as well as the resumes then I would feel very comfortable with hiring them.
  • Chris: Is this from our volunteer pool? (Yes) Then offer it to them.
  • Luke: Everyone read Jeff's resume online and if you object then reply online.
  • Tyler: We offer him the sales position.
  • Luke: The proposal is we take till friday night midnight to voice objections. If we are happy then offer him the position. If this doesn't work we can do the exact same process with another candidate.


  • Tyler: Whats the start date?
  • Jessica et al: ASAP.
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