Staff Meeting - 2011-01-06

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  • Facilitator: Jordan
  • Scribe: Luke



  • Tyler
  • Mike
  • Jessica
  • Reegan
  • Luke
  • Ali
  • Mark (Jax)
  • Chris
  • Jordan


Hiring Geoff

Summary of discussion: Geoff has shown an interest in returning to work. We need someone to coordinate build, production, and sales. He would be a good fit.

Proposal: Hire Geoff full time based on the job description Jessica emailed out. To start ASAP.


Proposal: Allow Geoff to skip the 3 month period and get benefits immediately, if it's possible.


Commit: Jessica to post updated job description to wiki's HR pages. Now called Production Coordinator.

Warehouse Role

Mike: Dave F. has been interning and running the warehouse for over a month. He has done very good work and shown an interest in becoming full-time staff.

Luke: This is great. We should hire internally from our volunteer pool if possible, before opening the position to the general public. We already have assurance that he is proficient at this job.

Proposal: Offer Dave F. a permanent position to run the warehouse. To start Tuesday.


Commit: Luke and Chris will draft offer letter and do other HR tasks required for these positions.

Mike's replacement

Summary of discussion: Mike M. is leaving, which leaves another open position. We can make do for the next month without refilling this role.

Commit: Jessica will draft job description and circulate

Staff supervisory committee

Mike: Suggests a committee that oversees staff to ensure a happy workplace, compliance with policies, and to help resolve issues. Would not have decision-making power itself, but would make recommendations to directors and general meetings.

Deferred to a future meeting

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