Staff Meeting - 2010-04-09

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Staff meeting Fri 9th April 2010


  • Jessica,Geoff, Jon, Tyler, Mike
  • Facilitator - Jon
  • Scribe – Geoff

  • Adoption of last minutes - Passed


  • Tyler - Laptops, Laptops, Laptops

  • Jamie - Northstar problem with accounting has been fixed, so that $ is coming back to us. Motherboards have gone out, so the cheque for that is on its way too. The city and London Drugs are getting back to us about a media event. This may involve Jessica as well. March was our biggest month ever as far as receiving – an extra 12.6 tonnes on top of our regular monthly average. We should be aware that we're probably hitting our maximum comfortable intake without overwhelming all our systems.

  • Jessica – I've been looking into volunteer numbers. The first 1000 took 24 months to accumulate. The next 1000 took 13 months, and in the last 3 months we've been adding 100 new volunteers per month.

  • Jon – We've been getting interest from people doing set-dec, including renting the Apple IIe. Sales have been excellent in the last 2 weeks. Displaying product continues to be a struggle due to the small space. We are struggling to keep systems on the shelf due to increasing demand, epsecially since we've been getting higher-end systems in.

  • Geoff – I've been wholesaling hundreds of our extra desktops, which has finally delt with the excess build fodder, and bought in a fair bit of money. From all the incoming machines, hard drives is quite backed-up, but I've been taming the mess.

  • Mike – Pickups definately covered the truck rental and gas. Every day I pickup I'm going to be putting the cash straight in the safe. If corporate donation do increase I suppose we might not be able to continue the pickup program.
  • Christine – I've been working on adding online banking. Our landlord is dropping off a copy of the new lease we just signed. There have been complaints about the smell from the bathroom/server room. The hack is adding water to the toilet bowl. The final solution will be when we replace the server with the new gear in the warehouse.


  • Presentations: Jessica asked whether she should be accepting invitations to do presentations. Doing it increases volunteers, donations, and customers .. however, we are only barely able to manage our workload as we are now. It was agreed that we won't do presentations for the time being.
  • Pickups: We're struggling to keep the warehouse safe with the amount of intake we have. Pickups cost us a lot, including valuable staff-time. It might be best to stop pickups altogether, and use Mike's time to help out in the warehouse where we need help to keep things safe. It was proposed that we stop pickups for the next 3 months and re-asses after that. There was consensus on this, with the caveat that Mike should call people who have requests pending, contact any people who get pickups from us regularly, and that Mike will COMIT to asking Alec to remove the current link on website, perhaps with a note refering people to another of out shippers. Note: It will be important to still manage the requests ourselves, so as not to get surprised with say, 15 pallets all at once. Further to this: Mike will COMIT to examining (over the next 1.5 months), the feasilbility/profitability of running pickups in-house.
Additionally, Christine will COMIT to cancelling the Pickups phone.
  • Pickup Money: Pickup Fees from January this year up to right now have been received and there is a paper record for. From now on pickup fees will be deposited in the safe after each day. The other outstanding money will be in FG's possetion within the next month and a half.
  • Sales: It was proposed that we hire an interum production coordinator again for 3 months. Like the last attempt at this the expectation would be to make at least enough in sales to cover his wages. There was consensus on this.
  • Jamie's workload: There is far too much coming in on a regular basis for Jamie to be lifting by himself. He has asked for help many times, and even though we haven't found any way to reduce his workload, the incoming material is increasing. One immediate possibility is that Mike can help out instead of driving. A more permenant solution is hiring a second staff member for the warehouse. It was proposed that within one week we advertise for an additional staff member for the warehouse. Jamie will provide a draft of the job-description for General on Tuesday. Jon will COMIT to posting this agenda item to General. This will be finalised at next staff meeting. There was consensus on this.
  • Admin Workload: Until we hire the admin coordinator (in a week) we need to cover a few duties. Jon will COMIT to doing bank deposits, payroll, and accounts payable/receivable. Tyler and Christine will continue to being the contact people for the accountant.
  • Disasters: We currently have no disaster plans. Jessica will COMIT to posting an entire disaster plan. Tyler will COMIT to setting up an off-site backup.
  • $ Ideas: There was consensus on putting out more donation jars, at WW each week, and in the store. If anyone has any other ideas to increase revenue, please bring them up!
  • Wiki Wiki Wikiki: We seriously need to put work into the Wiki, including past minutes. Volunteers can do this if we give them the 5 minutes training.
  • Payroll: It was proposed that all full-timers submit all their TOIL by the end of each week (Tuesday). There was consensus on this.
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