Staff Meeting - 2010-02-19

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On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Geoff Bowers <> wrote:

   Staff Meeting February 19th 2010, 2.30pm

   == Last Minutes/Commits ==
   *Mike to contact man about truck to tell him we're not interested. Mike did not do because he lost the contact.

   *Mike has been reporting on type, amount and time of pickups to Jamie and commits to sending a report to the staff list.

   *Geoff and Jessica commit to getting agenda from staff/ directors meeting from Chris Hooper.

   *Jessica commits to making a cctv sign
   *Tyler did store "how to" on birch

   *Geoff is still looking into contractors with Tyler for wiring.

   *Tyler and mike spoke to employee X about his position on the staff list.

   *Previous Employee X was spoken to by Jessica, Mike and Tyler. He is still banned.

   *Tyler has edited who's on the mailing lists and still needs to put Joshua on. 

   *Tyler and Jane have asked for a financial statement from our accountant and see what is recommended to us price wise.

   == Reports ==
   *Jessica- lower volunteers and tours, they are manageable as of right now. Has masses of work to do both on and off the floor. Hiring on Monday. Have improved the flow at receiving and been training Joshua in the warehouse. 

   *Geoff- Lower volunteer has meant less production, but things are great.

   *Tyler- Laptops still need work, cleaning up, dealing with the Hackery and following up on commits.

   *Mike- Pickups have beens slow should pick up after the Olympics. Working on getting paperwork up together.

   == Agenda ==
   *Store Recruitment panel- Mike, Jane, Jessica.

   *Internships- Volunteer Coordinator Intern, E-waste recycling intern, Store Intern. Consensus on these roles.

   *Inbox/Desk in Cave- Mike commits to an inbox in the cave on the desk.

   *Employee X has been ignoring repeatedly staff direction and health and safety. X has been going through white bags without gloves. This is usually a banable offense. Jane says that X resigned the same meeting that she did. Jessica remembers this happening. The staff recommend to the Directors that X be banned for repeated behavior. Geoff will write a report about yesterday.

   *Staff Parking- Mike has concerns that Geoff and Jane are parking in the back. It is current policy to not park in the back three parking spots. It was proposed that we keep this policy.

   *Geoff commits to getting two sets of keys made for Jane and Joshua.

   *Staff Purchase Policy- there needs to be accountability for what and how much staff can buy. Nothing great gets to the store. First we need to quantify what is going to staff. This will be done by Joshua and the (to be hired) Store Coordinator in the form of a spreadsheet that will be available for all staff to see.
   Consensus was reached.
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