Staff Meeting - 2009-09-11

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=Staff Meeting September 11th 2009=


Attendance and Roles

  • In Attendance: Ifny, Patrick, Geoff, Armand, Tyler, Jamie
  • Facilitator: Patrick
  • Scribe: Geoff

New Business

Adoption Box Exchange

  • We had someone take a box, installed Windows, then try to exchange it
  • He already talked to several staff members, including Patrick
  • The answer every time was "No". We will fix our stuff but don't exchange anything
  • If people install proprietary operating systems on adoption boxes we no longer give them tech support.

Consistency between staff & volunteer

  • Just to check that people aren't asking all different staff members the same question, its good to double-

check with another staff member if you aren't totally clear about our policy.

  • Staff need to quote policy to volunteer questions so that staff answers are consistent. This prevents people "playing" staff off of each other.

Daytime technical support

  • We don't offer any tech support to anyone because we just don't have time during the work day.
  • People who need support can come to Windowless Wednesday, unless its a store-purchased box, or an adoption box.
  • If it came from us, we need to give support, but not necessarily same-day.
  • We can take it in and have it for builders to fix as they have time.
  • If we do take a machine to fix it needs to be labeled with the date, customer/volunteer's name and their phone number.

Store 7-day exchange policy

  • As the store understands it, things purchased from the store have a 7-day exchange policy. There seems to

be some abuse (ex. people trying to exchange RAM with no green dot). Patrick is concerned about people exchanging infinitely.

  • We have had QC issues (our testers are learning), so we definitely need to keep that in mind, therefore we have to offer some exchange.
  • It's important not to treat everyone like they're trying to scam us.
  • Customers are very important, and our reputation is also super-important.
  • It may impact our store sales to allow people to keep returning / exchanging stuff
  • Having the word get out that we sell bunk-hardware would definitely hurt sales.
  • The policy is a 7-day exchange, but if someone brings something back within that time they get another 7 days so they have the time to try/test it.
  • Exchanges and store credits are at our discretion, we typically limit exchanges to 3 in a row, but sometimes people just have bad luck with hardware and we need to make sure we give people the benefit of the doubt.

Digital Camera for the warehouse

  • Patrick is going to give a camera to the warehouse.
  • We need to ask Jane if she knows where the camera we had got to.

Infrastructure grant info

  • Jane has not given us info on her laptop
  • Mike also needs to give us info on his camera that is used for pickups.

Bus Pass Subsidy

  • Based on our budget right now this is probably not an option .. but ..
  • We are going to ask Finance about the possibility of doing a bus / bike subsidy.

Part time store staff

  • There is room in the budget to hire a helper for one day per week.

Banned Volunteer

  • We had a volunteer who had been saying some really odd, rude things, especially to and about females and

including racial slurs. He also has repeatedly refused to follow staff direction about signing in, scheduling, and wandering. Therefore at a previous meeting it was decided that he should be banned for not following staff instructions and safe space policies.

  • Yesterday he wandered in, grabbed himself a build machine, and started building.
  • Patrick noticed him and alerted other staff.
  • Tyler and Ifny approached him about it and explained to him why he was banned.
  • He was confused and seemed to think he was owed a computer, and became somewhat belligerent.
  • He said that he would seek recourse (although it wasn't clear what that was).
  • Proposed & agreed that we give him a machine, and continue his ban.
  • Tyler committed to contacting him to give him a machine.

Date for Director selection

  • We've had a director step down over the summer, and last night was the 2nd meeting that we've wanted to ask the directors about filling the spot.
  • The only attending director didn't feel ready to speak to this question, so we've scheduled a contingency meeting for either Nov 17th or 19th.

HDD/Video Card Area

  • Geoff is working on getting the HDD area flowing so we can deal with the backlog and have a smoother intake of hard drives. The video card area is also not ergonomic, and needs to at the very least be re- positioned.
  • It was suggested that video card testing could be moved to be beside motherboards, or into the warehouse to be beside RAM testing.

Staff Mailing List

  • The staff list exists for private communication.
  • We should make sure that anything that can be public goes on a public list.

Eating in the warehouse

  • It's not OK for people to eat in the warehouse for hygiene/health reasons, and staff need to help us be

consistent about it.

  • We need people to be able to replenish their fluids, but there's also a potential safety risk to spilling fluids around electronics.
  • We will check with OHS about this.

First Aid

  • Jamie just passed his industrial first-aid. It is his duty while employed to deal with any accidents.
  • Even just a band-aid has to be dispensed by Jamie, and recorded as an incident so that just in case anyone comes back and tries to claim for example that they got gangrene from us, we can prove that we did

attend to them properly.

  • Even a tiny cut needs to be dealt with properly so there isn't a chance of leaving, for example, any blood on a station, which would be a bio-hazard.

Warehouse Helper

  • The warehouse is feeling like they're struggling to keep up with the workload.
  • We've been taking people out of the warehouse and into other areas, but after September, once some staff are back from vacation this will improve.
  • We can probably use volunteer time more effectively in the mean time, but this is only likely to be really successful if they are here consistently.
  • Right now Jamie is lifting close to a tonne of material a day himself, as well as dealing with clients,

answering the phone etc etc.

  • Jamie doesn't feel as though he can continue at his current pace without burning out.
  • All around Free Geek its a challenge to keep up, and we need to be creative.


  • Tyler committed to contacting the banned volunteer to give him a machine.
  • Staff will check with OHS about eating/drinking in the warehouse.
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