Staff Meeting - 2009-05-22

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May 22, 2009



Patrick C, Ifny, Jamie, Steven, And Mike M

Health Benefit:

Everyone Agree benefit package #2. Health benefit will start June 1st, 2009 for the normal staff. The new staff will be eligible for the health package when 3 months probation is finish. At present meeting, we are all agree to get the health benefit

Staff Discount:

Bump to next staff meeting, we will decide the solutions for next meeting.

Infrastructure Grant:

Need to create a form and agreement that staff has to be clarify for the confidential information relate to free geek will not be leak from the user. Need to keep documentation for all equipment for staff to use for the Free geek, which included date, product description, serial number. Staff who needed the equipment should have consensus agreement from group meeting. Staff needed to explain the reason of the need if the equipment. When Staff decide to leave Free geek, he/she can decide to buy the computer as personal use (if FG agrees) or return to Free Geek.

Warehouse position:

Warehouse Coordinator last day is on May 30, 2009. Warehouse Coordinator had decide to help to train the new staff until May 30, 2009. And he/she will come back help out on June 6, 2009 we will call the 2nd candidate from last interview and to see if he is available to join our team

AGM(Annual General Meeting) Helper

We need helper for putting up the poster, and give directions to the AGM meeting location. There will be Potluck at Noon time to 1:30PM at the Free geek. We also need a volunteer dish washer to clean up after potluck. Need to print out direction from Free Geek to Destination, and we also will escort them there, to make sure they will not lost. Mike and Stephen can't make it. Patrick C will be joining for extra help at free geek and join for the AGM.

Moving Windowless Wednesday workshop:

Next workshop will be June 3rd, 2009. in July, the class will be move to second week of July, since July 1st is Wednesday. The new tactics for windowless meeting will be set for the first available Wednesday of the month.

Proposed Director agreement

Consensus: staff agree to proposed director agreement. Staff want to add: I agree to take an active interest in promoting and ensuring staff compliance with Free Geek policies and procedures, as well as the Employment Act of BC and the laws of Canada.

Staff Absent

Staff who absent for the day(s), need to provide doctor note, reason for absent.

These are the conversation we cover about Staff absent on the meeting:

  • Staff have to give reasons for absence, make sure people can cover

for you. Have to get permission from the rest of staff puts other staff in stress - bad habit. Like a disappearance, we don't know the reason

  • Jamie: when people are ill privacy is important. But

obviously everyone needs to know how long people are gone. how can FG organise around it otherwise?

  • Mike: if a person feels it's better to speak to a director, then they need

to choose their reasons carefully. We don't need to know the reasons, but there are responsibilities to be taken care of.

  • Patrick: everyone is running full speed already. Leave of absence - if

you're asking to have your shift covered. You have to hand over responsibility, not just leave people. Are we going to allow this kind of behaviour? This is an operational issue.

  • Mike: Staff asking for leave of absence situation hasn't been settled. It

needs to be settled, not handled ad hoc

  • General discussion:

- The way this is being done is causing staff grief. - We're getting a loose message from the directors. Do they approve of staff absence? - You can't walk out the door without letting people know about loose ends that need to be tied up. - People need to phone in if they can't make it. - Permanent staff have to apply some proof to absence.

  • Jamie: Everything is too last minute. We're trying to work ahead of

ourselves but we can't like this. We can't anticipate right now. Communication is important.

  • Patrick: Why did the directors contact us to tell us about this absence?

They do not have to hold up the workload. Staff have to pick up the pieces. Staff member was supposed to come back maybe Thurs, but still not back. No reply to the request for more information. Why can't we find out what's going on? This problem is going too far.

  • Patrick: From a company point of view, why do we have to tolerate this? If

someone is sick we'll try to deal with it, if the organization can. Is this a strike? Staff member didn't say anything to staff, and just didn't show up.

  • Jamie: Look at it from an operational perspective. Big chunk of workload

that everyone else has to cover. We should write policy for this in the handbook. Would like more involvement from the directors - judgment call from the directors about what's going on, helping figure out a solution. health and safety. If it comes from staff it may cause more damage, if it comes from directors, would help with internal issues.

  • Mike: This is beyond our ability. It can't be solved at this level. It should go to staff first, then directors.
  • Ifny: it's organisational issue. When someone

does not do their job, all staff suffer. This is about precedent, policy, sustainability. Patrick asked an important question: Do we want to allow this? Is this how this workplace should operate? Can FG afford this?

  • Jamie: directors should help us.

CONSENSUS: Staff want to have a meeting with directors about recent staff absence.

Lock for Cave:

Everyone agree and meet the consensus idea.

Wholesaler discount:

Bump to next week staff meeting.


Consensus meet for Patrick C to carry a front door key, store key, and cashier key. Patrick will get the back door key, and he will be train for closing.

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