Staff Meeting - 2009-04-03

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  • Ifny
  • Tyler
  • Adam
  • Mike

Old business

  • Minutes for March 20
  • Staff workstation

New Business

  • Re-Organizing Warehouse
  • Budget Draft
  • Build Program
  • FGDB Change
  • Circuit Board
  • Mezz Plan
  • Receiving


  • Stat holidays are tied to a certain day, including in cases FG

is closed for the stat. Taking an alternate day for a stat should be done cautiously.

  • Meeting minutes not getting sent out and archived in a timely fashion.
  • Proposal, take time immediately after staff meeting to send out

minutes, have another staff cover for that time. Agreed to.


  • Warehouse

-Fewer large drop offs this week -Table for drop offs working very nicely -Box of circuit board almost ready to go

  • Pickup

-The monitors are back! -Accounting system for tracking pickup related money is getting going, which should help clear up some issues. -Pickups next week will be Tuesday and Wednesday with a possible Thursday -Will talk to Megan about getting volunteers.

  • Ifny

-Behind on correspondence -Has an ESABC meeting April 9, will be to FG late -Focusing on production planning -Working with build planning priorities/production

  • Store

-Getting HD's and Mother boards for sale, can use more -Sales seem to be up this week -Couple of laptops have come through after not seeing any last week -Very few systems available in the store

  • Build

-Almost 30 boxes built this week, 8-10 Adoption, 15 or so election, plus various store boxes -Planning on starting to direct machines into Grant Program -FGDB conversion not yet started, test version planned for staff to play with before committing, will probably need to snapshot live system and massage that into new system -Would like budget for putting more circuits into Mez, currently appears to be only two circuits. -David (volunteer) has taken on rebuilding drive wipe cluster. -Concerns over availability of drives vs. incoming rates. -See [Fg-staff] Build report in absentia for details


  • Budget

-Store was 16k/16k/12.7k for first quarter -Currently forecasting ~12k a month for store through August then 15k+ through end of year. -Forecasting $4k/month scrap -Leaves $1k a month surplus ?? <- is that right? or is that 1k a year?? -Need to increase revenue

  • Time ran out for remaining items
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