Operations meeting - 2011-10-19

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Wayne F Tyler H Tim Bo Jessica MP Christine H Karen N Rod ? Jordan E

Facilitator: Wayne F Scribe: Jordan E


Create a proposal for employee bonus for 2011

Wayne: The proposals are a way to give the staff money.

Proposal 1 in the document.

The formula is pretty straightforward, the first is about each quarter, we have to make a profit before you get a bonus.

Christine: Due to our accountant's work load, the most he could do is to have the books done in 3 weeks from what used to be 1.5 months. This means we get the quarterly results 3 weeks after the end of the quarter. As a result the bonus is deferred for proposal to the monthly meeting 3 weeks after the quarter has ended. Jordan: Once this policy is adopted then we don't need to go to general. Jordan: Which is the best proposal for where we're at? Wayne: Proposal 1, it's the simplest. The difference between 1 and 2 is 1 is based on profit and 2 is based on revenue. Karen: What does cap mean? Jordan: You can't go over that limit? Tim: Proposal 2 would be quite a different number wouldn't it? Wayne: Well no. This year we had a great 1st quarter, bad 2nd and average 3rd.

Jessica: Proposal to accept proposal 1 to apply against 3rd and 4th quarter of 2011.

CONSENSUS achieved.

Wayne: Criteria 2 states that we should have 3 months of operating capital.

Proposal: The people currently in attendance will be part of the raise workgroup. Pending approval by tomorrow. The raise proposal will be created by the 3rd Tuesday of November.


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