Operations Meeting - 2009-09-22

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Operations Meeting - 2009-09-22

  • When: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door
  • Previous meeting: Monthly Meeting - 2009-08-18

Roles & Attendance

Ifny, Facilitator; Chris H., Scribe; Alec S.; Jamie; Devenne


First Aid

  • the Warehouse Coordinator, Jamie, is now First Aid qualified
  • a few incidents so far
  • all incidents, however minor, must be reported; preferable directed to Jamie
  • what appeared to be blood found on machine; consider own safety first: wear latex gloves, use alcohol; again see Jamie
  • COMMIT (Jamie): essential stock check of First Aid and other safety related items such as face masks, etc...
  • picture of Jamie needed, to identify First Aid attendants
  • Ifny & Patrick's First Aid training re-scheduled to November
  • Jessica back ~29th for second attendant on premises


  • write-up/diagrams of wiring & connections preperation has gone missing; can inventory flourescent tags to get a quick idea of what has been done so far
  • two lines from panel up to mezzanine still need to be done
  • just hire professional electricial to do all the work to finish it
  • COMMIT (Ifny): to get electrical company information again
  • ask Tyler about tags (taking the inventory?)



  • weeks prior, security camera over loading bay stolen , and camera server disappeared (probably scrapped, reason unknown); loading bay doors damaged around the same time
  • recently, new server was built for security camera(s); not fully set-up at time
  • theft occured Saturday night, September 19, 11:08pm
    • /they/ cut telephone wires at back
    • /they/ tried to gain access through back windows, which are coverd with metal grills
    • /they/ proceeded to the front of the building where /they/ destroyed a motion activated light
    • /they/ gained access through the front door by breaking the window beside it and damaging the hasp, and destroyed security camera in stairwell
    • /they/ tried to gain access to the Store by severly damaging lock on store door, then dug through the wall beside the door when unsuccessful
    • once in the Store, /they/ broke into the register, and took petty cash, some finished machines, ram and other hardware
    • /they/ gained access to the Mezzanine by digging through wall bedside the door
    • in the Mezzanine, /they/ ransacked the shelves behind the public terminals, and took old laptops, motherboard testing CPU's and a few adoption boxes
    • /they/ also took RAM and some build fodder from Warehouse
  • when informed of the break-in, phoned police, insurance company and building owner
  • Ifny and Patrick (and Jax?) began compiling a list of items that were possibly stolen
  • a contractor came to secure the entrances
  • forensics investigators also came to gather some evidence

Current State of Security

  • start using a new safe; combination being reset at this time
  • called Alan (building owner); fixed doors, lights and (soon) plaster
  • building damage covered by building owner's insurance
  • front door has two extra locks and extra bar; additional security gate being made
  • possibility of installing gate in staircase and bars in windows
  • investigating third-party security: security guard services (costly, thus prohibitive) and monitored alarm system
  • two alarm system companies researched
    • initail contacted [insert companies name]
      • Canadian owned; no money down setup; includes: two-way voice, two door contacts, one key pad, stickers, motions sensor; additional sensors: $99 motion, $69 door or window contacts; no charge false alarm; voice identification, sirens, ...; control unit
      • concerns about how their service will interface with FG phones
      • popular and busy; early October at earliest (for accessment or installation)
      • overall price $32/month, free warranty
    • X company
      • Canadian, HQ in Montreal, branch in Surrey; one-time setup fee ($500-2000); $25/month; fire panel
      • coming in for assessment/quote tomorrow
  • internal assessment of FG security needs:
    • 2-3 motion sensors: warehouse, store, mezzanine(?)
    • one keypad
    • 3 door contacts: back, store, top of stairs
  • Question: response rate?
    • local police times
  • Question: reoccurance?
    • good chance, but not for awhile
  • not a lot value for what what taken
  • damage is repairable
  • Question: will two-way voice work in event of telephone lines being cut?
  • timeline for the next weeks
    • bars
    • security cameras:
      • help required to setup, use and maintain
      • RCA or IP cameras
      • need someone to take on this task
      • Question: camera clarity?
      • motion activated
      • check and compare to previous equipment (hardware and software) used
      • COMMIT: Ifny to submit information about new cameras to Alec
  • Question: if the phone line is cut, how will it affect FG setup? internet might go down but intranet would be fine
  • telephone & cable
  • should create an additional enclosure for harddrives; cage, walls, room, bars, cabinet
    • COMMIT: Ifny to talk to Paul about custom, and research other available options


  • called provider on Monday
  • insurance report
  • only limited liability, no contents coverage
  • have a list of stolen items & values to submit
  • asked for $30,000 coverage as a basic starting amount prior to a formal meeting, report submission and quote, which should happen tomorrow; should have this in case of any eventual emergency/disaster
  • staff being asked to itemize common/typical items for the list to submit to provider

Next Steps

  • PR about burglary is two-fold
    • curse - FG appears unsecure resulting in fewer donations
    • blessing - sympathy for FG resulting in more donations
  • limit announcement to communities (tech and non-profits), not media
  • COMMIT: Ifny contact FG-General mailing list, VanLUG, vhs, FG Portland, other non-profits, etc.
    • emphasize the store theft and building damage
  • society stickers (FG stickers that might be on stolen machines. Alec to provide images to Ifny.)
  • how has the burglary affected general operations?
    • cash register - replacing with a used one better than new one, which don't appear sturdy
    • need to replace petty cash box and gloves donation box
    • extra help from experienced volunteers will be greatly appreciated
  • Question: frequency of cash deposits? daily? difficult because staff are busy and not many staff trained to do it. using the new safe will help
  • identify machines build by FG somehow (permanent and identifiably, possibly obsured/hidden)?

Next Meeting

  • When: Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door
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