Operations Meeting - 2009-08-18

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Cordless Phones

Increase bandwidth

  • Tell Telus to increase capacity in the mean time
  • Jordan says additional Bandwidth is not needed!

Inventory progress

  • Tyler has been going through the shelves
  • Museum stuff has not been appropriately recorded, but making progress

Inventory Hoarding

  • If inventory is too much, the store may put a special on those.

Jessica: Store should regularly put ads on Craigslist ads for the inventories Jamie/Jessica: Should sell expensive items for a bargain price to clear out inventory fast Jamie and Jessica will commit on finding space for extra stuff, obscure stuff

Inventory Software

Jamie: In the mean time, if each department can communicate what we need, that will be great. Ifny: Ally is interviewing all people to find out which software/feature is appropriate for the warehouse/inventory software Ifny: Need to have a physical sense of what's going on before we implement software. Database (MySQL) should be customized. We can only use free software. Ifny: Hard to just use one database to control everything. Jessica: Going from manual inventory to database automation control, will be a great mess! Jamie: Software cannot control everything at once! Item location should be known all through the process. Software should also be user friendly. Devenne: Each station should be responsible for counting their own parts/inventory. This would help later software implementation or provide insight to future inventory software development. Jordan: should be inventory control center software should have a standard (define a system for example...) Should incorporate a dismantling procedure (eg. System ----> 4 hard drives ----> 2 pcs memory etc) Ifny/Jessica: We shouldn't wait too long before creating database! Or will issue will cool down Jamie: Will eventually need to finalize what will be on the database. Ifny: We will need to certified by a third party next year. Jessica: Should get free geeks together to see what we need for the database before developers come.

Do this weekly (an hour per week) maybe for 4 weeks.

Jordan: Use Barcode scanner? Ifny: Anyone who can write script to scan items into the spread sheet!? We should really begin inventory things that we know how to inventorize right now. Should make some flow charts describing the process. Will be meet Thursday this week to begin meeting (August 20th) at 9:45am JJ BEANS


             Kids gloves

Watson gloves are supplying those.

-  Receiving/Landing

Ifny: Must point out the clearance pathways when showing/teaching volunteers at receiving Jessica will commit to moving the brooms Mike/Jessica/George: Watch out for Children jumping aboard, jumping around. Machines should avoid being put into the upper shelves. Ifny: We should change that to just putting grant machines on the top shelve. Devenne will commit to changing that. Latex gloves Should not be used even if people forget their gloves, just too dangerous. Steel toe boots Supplied by Free geeks. Mandatory when working with Jamie at the warehouse. Mandatory for full time working staff

Mail Migration

Jordan: ok.

Public forums conduct

For anyone who's using free geek's public communication means (eg. Mailing list). It is being documented at the WIKI. Must uphold free geek's policy. Please read it , people. Should be documented. Consensus: Put this before the general meeting for ratification.

Ifny and Ally will re-order the Wiki page.

ADLDP + Report

Jordan: Install server, all computers are authenticating. Lots of accounts have back door broken are all deleted. Allows expansion of free geek server. Changes everything automatically (eg. Password). Jordan will talk to Tyler about this.

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